Open Standards Board

The Open Standards Board works with the Cabinet Office and is accountable for transparent selection and implementation of open standards.

Terms of Reference

The Open Standards Board was set up by the Public Expenditure Committee (Efficiency Reform) (PEX(ER)). The Cabinet Office, advised by an Open Standards Board, will use the open standards process to set open standards for use by all of government.

Transparency and fairness are maintained by making sure that:

  • anyone can get involved in conversations about open standards
  • there will be no preference given to any supplier in the outcome
  • there is regular recruitment for new volunteers for the Open Standards Board

The Open Standards Board’s aims are to:

  • consider open standards recommendations that relate to software interoperability, data and document formats
  • consider and come to a consensus on whether a recommended standard should be adopted and/or made compulsory across government
  • influence the work on standards so that open standards are considered before the creation of unique government or sector-specific standards

It makes decisions on whether standards recommendations:

  • meet user need and business outcomes
  • enable a level playing field for open source and proprietary software
  • are implementable, mature and supported by the market
  • have been adequately researched and that the impact of adoption is understood
  • are aligned with the Open Standards Principles and the Government’s IT/digital strategies

Meeting dates

The Board meets twice a year to review and challenge the recommendations made by contributors on GitHub. Other meetings scheduled during the year will be dependent on business needs and will be via correspondence.


The Open Standards Board consists of a selected group of industry, professional, developer and academic volunteers. The Board is supported by data and technology experts drawn from within and outside of government. Board members agree to the terms and conditions of membership.

Current members are:

  • Chair - John Strudwick, Interim Director of Service Design and Assurance, Government Digital Service
  • Adrian Hepworth, Chief Architect UK&I, Worldline Global
  • Daniel Appelquist, Director of Web Advocacy, Samsung Research Institute
  • Dave Cridland, Technical Architect, Surevine Ltd
  • Dr Chris Francis, Director Government Relations, SAP
  • Edafe Onerhime, Consultant ​Data​ ​Scientist
  • John Sheridan, Digital Director, The National Archives
  • Kathy Farndon, Carbonel Consulting Ltd
  • Matthew Dovey, Head of e-Infrastructure Strategy, Jisc
  • Simon Kerridge, Director of Research Services, University of Kent / CASRAI
  • Zaheda Bhorat, Head​ ​of​ ​Open​ ​Source​ ​&​ ​Strategy, Amazon

Meeting minutes

Open Standards Board Minutes 6 June 2019 (ODT, 19KB)

Open Standards Board Minutes 22 November 2018 (ODT, 17.7KB)

Open Standards Board Minutes 3 May 2018 (ODT, 20.3KB)

Open Standards Board Minutes 20 June 2017 (ODT, 20.5KB)

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