Make use of open standards

Use open standards to build technology that is easier to expand and upgrade, and make sure it communicates with other technology.

To meet point 4 of the Technology Code of Practice (TCoP) your plans must show you’ve considered using open standards and data.

If you’re going through the spend control process you must explain how you’re trying to meet point 4.

How open source differs to open standards

Open source is a way of developing and distributing software. The code is often written collaboratively, and it can be downloaded, used and changed by anyone.

Open standards are common rules that allow any user to create compatible and consistent products, processes and services. They are designed collaboratively, are publicly available, and free or low cost.

How open standards help your programme

You can use open standards for individual parts of your project or programme. Using open standards increases interoperability and means you:

  • save time and money by reusing things that are already available
  • increase compatibility with a range of stakeholders
  • avoid vendor lock-in

Building technology that uses open standards

You can make your technology project or programme more flexible and interoperable by:

Buying technology that uses open standards

When you’re buying a technology product make sure you have included in your requirements:

Supplying technology that uses open standards

Suppliers should be aware of the open standards that are compulsory for use in government.

Wherever possible, suppliers should make these open standards part of their product offering, or offer products that are compatible with these open standards.

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Published 6 November 2017
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