1. Register to vote

    Get on the electoral register so you can vote in elections and referendums.

  2. Call charges and phone numbers

    Call costs for 0800, 0808, 0845, 0870, 03 and other phone numbers from UK landlines and mobiles

  3. The electoral register and the 'open register'

    What happens if you do not register to vote, when you can register in more than one place, how to view the electoral register, opting out of the 'open register' and when you can register anonymously

  4. Government Gateway

    Government Gateway is a secure online account for using government online services - how to register and contact the helpdesk

  5. Contact your local Electoral Registration Office

    Contact your local council's Electoral Registration Office if you have a question about registering to vote

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Guidance and regulation

  1. When do the clocks change?
  2. Legislative process: taking a Bill through Parliament
  3. UK Treaties
  4. Registering to vote: easy read guide
  5. How to buy print copies of official documents
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News and communications

  1. Honduran Congresswoman joins International Women MPs conference in London
  2. Guatemalan Congresswoman joins International Women MPs conference in London
  3. Elected women from around the world tackle gender equality
  4. Next round of Voter ID pilots announced for 2019
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Research and statistics

  1. Public Appointments: Annual Report for Northern Ireland, 2016/17
  2. General Election 2017 reports: government response
  3. The Boundary Commissions: Boundary Review 2018
  4. Securing the ballot: review into electoral fraud
  5. Strathclyde Review: secondary legislation and the primacy of the House of Commons
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Protecting the Debate: Intimidation, Influence, and Information
  2. Proposals for the reform of the annual canvass
  3. Prospectus on electoral integrity pilots in May 2019
  4. A democracy that works for everyone: British citizens overseas - response to feedback
  5. Government response to House of Lords report on judicial appointments follow-up
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Allocation of funds for Individual Electoral Reform transition
  2. Department for Education open data strategy: June 2012
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