Notarial and documentary services guide for Singapore

Documents, certificates, letters and notes available at the British High Commission in Singapore.


For legal reasons, we’re unable to carry out notarial acts in Commonwealth countries. This includes certifying documents as true copies of originals, administering oaths or taking affidavits. For these or other notarial acts, you should contact a local notary. A list is available on the Singapore Academy of Law website.

A standard letter is available to confirm we do not offer these services in Singapore.

Legalising Documents issues in the UK for use in Singapore

Legislation is the official confirmation that a signature, seal or stamp on an official public document is genuine. Legalisation does not certify the authencity of a document or give approval of its content.

Please check with the end users (e.g. local government department, school, or company asking to see your documents) to find out if they require UK documents to be legalised.

If legislation is required, you may send your documents by courier to the Legalisation Office in the UK.

The British High Commission in Singapore is unable to legalise documents issued in the UK, including British passports, marriage certificates, birth certificates, educational certificates, divorce certificates, power of attorney, contracts, etc.

Documents originating in Singapore for use in the UK

Documents originating in Singapore do not have to be legalised before they can be accepted in the UK.


For information about documents relating to marriage, such as affirmations or affidavits of marital status, see getting married abroad.

Published 10 May 2013