Notarial and documentary services guide for El Salvador

Documents, certificates, letters and notes available from the Honorary British Consul in San Salvador.


The British Honorary Consul in San Salvador issues a range of legal documents for British nationals. An appointment must be made for each service.

If there is no specific formal requirement for a notarial service or certificate to be provided by the British consulate, local notaries or lawyers can sometimes provide these services more conveniently, quickly and cheaply. Check with the relevant authority (eg Migration Office, tax authorities etc) either in the UK, El Salvador or a third country, that our consular certificate or service will be accepted.

Your local British consulate cannot confirm this information, only the relevant authority can provide this confirmation. You can get examples of the wording of the consular certificates to present to the relevant authority for advice. Follow the step-by-step guide and request a sample certificate when the consular team contacts you to confirm your appointment.

Refunds of consular fees are not given for certificates or notarial services that are not accepted by the requesting authority. Fees for consular certificates and documents are paid at the consulate on the day of the appointment and can be paid by credit card, debit card or in cash.

Services we provide in El Salvador

  • witnessing a signature
  • administering an oath/affirmation
  • initialling an alteration/marking an exhibit
  • certifying copies of British passports
  • letter of nationality
  • taking notice of an intended marriage
  • certificates of no impediment (contact us for information on the process)

Please also see our additional information on marriage.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please refer to the list of services which may be provided elsewhere.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for you can contact the British Embassy in Guatemala City.

Book an appointment for a notarial act or certificate

  1. Send an email to the Honorary Consul requesting the appointment.
  2. Please wait for confirmation of your appointment from the Honorary Consul’s office (response will be sent within 24 hours).
  3. Should you need to cancel your appointment, please send an email to the Honorary Consul to let him know you wish to cancel or change your appointment.

The Honorary Consulate’s direct email is

Published 22 April 2013