Dental contract reform: prototypes

Information about and documents supporting the Dental Prototype Agreement Scheme.



There are 82 practices selected to take part in the Dental Prototype Agreement Scheme. They are testing new ways of providing NHS dental care with an increased emphasis on preventing future dental disease.

The documents provide further detail, including:

  • the list of the 82 dental prototypes and the remuneration blend they have been allocated
  • the National Health Service (Dental Services) (Prototype Agreements) Directions 2015, which set out specific terms and conditions for prototype agreements
  • statement of financial entitlements, which sets out the remuneration mechanism for the prototype scheme
  • the National Health Service (Dental Services) (Prototype Agreements) (Amendment) Directions 2016, which amend the statement of financial entitlement to make provision for the community dental services prototypes
  • an information leaflet for patients attending practices taking part in the scheme
Published 24 September 2015
Last updated 25 October 2017 + show all updates
  1. Updated list of live prototypes.
  2. Updated document: list of dental prototypes
  3. The patient information leaflet has been updated to incorporate the new patient charges that came into force from 1 April 2016.
  4. Updated list of dental prototypes and show which Remuneration Blend they have been allocated
  5. List of dental of prototypes and the statement of financial entitlements added.
  6. First published.