Our energy use

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) is working to reduce energy consumption and costs, and carbon emissions. We publish current energy consumption data so you can see how much energy we are using.

King Charles Street building

For our King Charles Street building in London, data is published once every 24 hours showing the electricity consumed. It captures the energy required for electrical heating, lighting and power.

See how much energy is being used for heating, lighting and power in the King Charles Street building.

Due to a technical issue, gas and heat usage cannot currently be output in real time. Gas is only currently used for cooking in the commercial kitchens, and for providing domestic hot water and winter heating to one small area of the building. Its usage is equivalent to a domestic environment.

Abercrombie House and other buildings

Information is also available for our Abercrombie House building in East Kilbride and our other London buildings, including 22 Whitehall. Data from our electricity, gas and water meters is transmitted at half-hour intervals to a central data capture point.

See charts of how much energy and water these buildings are using.

ISO140001 certification

The FCDO holds an ISO14001-certified Environmental management system (EMS) certificate that covers part of the our UK Estate.