Social media use

Information about Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) social media channels.

Our ministerial team social media accounts

Our main corporate and thematic social media accounts

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office social media accounts

If we follow a Twitter or Facebook account, this does not imply any kind of endorsement.

Twitter Facebook Flickr/other
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office @FCDOGovUK FCDO Facebook FCDO in Arabic Flickr YouTube Instagram LinkedIn
FCDO Travel Advice @FCDOtravelGovUK FCDOTravel @travelaware Instagram @travelaware Youtube
FCDO Human Rights @FCDOHumanRights    
Careers @FCDOCareers    
End Sexual Violence In Conflict Sexual Violence in War   Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Tumblr
Forced Marriage Unit @FMUnit Forced Marriage Unit  
UK government Arabic Spokesperson in MENA @RosieDyasUK    
International Cyber Policy Unit @LondonCyber    
Communications Interim Director of Communication @DanielPruce    
Estates and Security Ed Hobart    
Chief Scientific Advisor Charlotte Watts, Chief Scientific Advisor    
Digital Diplomacy     Digital Diplomacy Blog
FCDO Historians @FCDOHistorians    
Chevening Scholarships @FCDOChevening   Chevening Awards
Wilton Park @WiltonPark Wilton Park  
International Leaders Programme @IntLeaders    
UK Science & Innovation Network @UKSINet    
FCDO Research @FCDOResearch    
FCDO Digital @FCDODigital    
FCDO Innovate @InnovateFCDO    
FCDO Inclusive @FCDOInclusive    
FCDO Humanitarian Research @FCDOHumsch    
FCDO Growth @FCDOGrowth    
FCDO Gov, Conflict, SocDev Research @FCDOREDGCSD    
FCDO Procurement @FCDOProcurement    
FCDO Girl’s Education Challenge @FCDOGEC    
FCDO Nutrition @FCDONutrition    
FCDO Gender @FCDOGender    
FCDO Stats @FCDOStats    
FCDO Education @FCDOEducation    
FCDO Health Research @FCDOHealthRes    
FCDO Agriculture Research @FCDOAgResearch    
FCDO Climate @FCDOClimate    

Our worldwide social media accounts

Twitter Facebook Other
Afghanistan UK for Afghanistan    
Albania UK in Albania HMA Alastair King-Smith UK in Albania UK in Albania Flickr
Algeria UK in Algeria HMA Sharon Wardle UK in Algeria UK in Algeria Flickr
Angola UK in Angola HMA Robert Stringer UK in Angola UK in Angola Flickr HMA Robert Stringer on Instagram
Anguilla Caribbean Governor’s Office in Anguilla  
Argentina Ambassador Kirsty Hayes, UK in Argentina UK in Argentina UK in Argentina Flickr UK in Argentina Instagram UK in Argentina YouTube
Armenia UK in Armenia HMA John Gallagher UK in Armenia  
Australia UK in Australia HMA Vicki Treadell UK in Australia UK in Australia Instagram UK in Australia Flickr UK in Australia LinkedIn
Austria UK in Austria UK in Austria UK in Austria Instagram UK in Austria Flickr UK in Austria YouTube
Azerbaijan UK in Azerbaijan HMA James Sharp UK in Azerbaijan UK in Azerbaijan Flickr UK in Azerbaijan Instagram
Bahamas HC Sarah Dickson    
Bahrain UK in Bahrain HMA Roderick Drummond UK in Bahrain UK in Bahrain Instagram
Bangladesh UK in Bangladesh HC Robert Chatterton Dickson DHC Javed Patel UK in Bangladesh UK in Bangladesh Instagram British High Commission in Bangladesh LinkedIn UK in Bangladesh Flickr
Barbados Caribbean HC Scott Furssedonn-Wood UK in Barbados UK in Caribbean Instagram
Belarus UKinBelarus UK in Belarus UK in Belarus Instagram UK in Belarus LinkedIn UK in Belarus on VK
Belgium HMA Martin Shearman UK in Belgium UK in Belgium UK in Belgium Instagram
Belize   UK in Belize UK in Belize Instagram
Bolivia UK in Bolivia HC Jeff Glekin UK in Bolivia UK in Bolivia Flickr
Bosnia and Herzegovina HMA Matt Field UK in Bosnia and Herzegovina HMA Matt Field Instagram UK in Bosnia and Herzegovina Flickr
Botswana UK in Botswana HC Sian Price UK in Botswana UK in Botswana Flickr
Brazil UK in Brazil HMA Peter Wilson BCG Anjoum Noorani UK in Brazil UK in Brazil Instagram GREATcast podcast UK in Brazil Flickr UK in Brazil LinkedIn
British Virgin Islands UK in Caribbean Governor’s Office BVI UK in British Virgin Islands UK in British Virgin Islands Flickr
Brunei UK in Brunei UK in Brunei HC John Virgoe on Instagram UK in Brunei Flickr
Bulgaria UK in Bulgaria HMA Rob Dixon BCG Paul Clark UK in Bulgaria UK in Bulgaria Instagram UK in Bulgaria Flickr UK in Bulgaria on YouTube British Embassy Sofia Blog
Burundi   UK in Burundi  
Cambodia UK in Cambodia HMA Tina Redshaw DHM Marc Thayre UK in Cambodia UK in Cambodia Flickr
Cameroon UK in Cameroon HC Christian Dennys-McClure UK in Cameroon UK in Cameroon Flickr
Canada UK in Canada HC Susannah Goshko DHM David Reed BCG Montreal, Chloe Adams BCG Vancouver Nicole Davison BCG Toronto Jenny Young BCG Calgary Jonathan Turner UK in Canada UK in Canada Instagram UKinCanada LinkedIn HC Susannah Goshko LinkedIn
Caribbean UK in Caribbean   UK in Caribbean Instagram
Cayman Islands UK in Cayman Islands UK in Cayman Islands  
Chad UK in Chad HMA Mark Matthews    
Chile UK in Chile HMA Louise de Sousa UK in Chile UK in Chile Instagram UK in Chile Flickr
China UK in China HMA Caroline Wilson DHM Christina Scott UK in China Sina Weibo
Colombia UK in Colombia HMA Colin Martin-Reynolds DHM Tim Hemmings UK in Colombia HMA Colin Martin-Reynolds Instagram UK in Colombia Instagram
Costa Rica UK in Costa Rica HMA Ben Lyster-Binns UK in Costa Rica UK in Costa Rica Flickr
Croatia UK in Croatia HMA Simon Thomas UK in Croatia UK in Croatia Instagram UK in Croatia Flickr UK in Croatia on YouTube
Cuba UK in Cuba Antony Stokes UK in Cuba UK in Cuba Flickr
Cyprus UK in Cyprus HC Stephen Lillie DHC Ben Rawlings UK in Cyprus UK in Cyprus Instagram
Czech Republic Czech Republic HMA Nick Archer UK in Czech Republic Brits in the Czech Republic British Embassy Prague LinkedIn UK in Czech Republic Flickr
Denmark UK in Denmark HMA Emma Hopkins UK in Denmark Emma Hopkins blog UK in Denmark Flickr
Djibouti UK in Djibouti HMA Jo McPhail    
Dominican Republic UK in Dominican Republic HMA Mockbul Ali UK in Dominican Republic UK in Dominican Republic
Democratic Republic of Congo UK in Democratic Republic of Congo HMA Emily Maltman UK in Democratic Republic of Congo UK in DRC Blog UK in DRC Flickr
Ecuador UK in Ecuador HMA Chris Campbell UK in Ecuador UK in Ecuador Flickr
Egypt UK in Egypt HMA Gareth Bayley UK in Egypt UK in Egypt Instagram
El Salvador UK in El Salvador HMA David Lelliott UK in El Salvador UK in El Salvador Flickr UK in El Salvador Instagram
Eritrea HMA Alisdair Walker UK in Eritrea  
Estonia HMA Ross Allen UK in Estonia UK in Estonia  
Eswatini UK in Eswatini HC Simon Boyeden UK in Eswatini  
Ethiopia UK in Ethiopia HMA Alastair McPhail UK in Ethiopia UK in Ethiopia Flickr UK in Ethiopia Youtube UK in Ethiopia Instagram
Falkland Islands Government House Falkland Islands    
Fiji UK in Fiji HC George Edgar UK in South Pacific UK in Fiji Flickr
Finland UK in Finland HMA Theresa Bubbear UK in Finland UK in Finland Flickr
France UK in France British in France HMA Menna Rawlings UK in France UK in France Flickr UK in France Instagram UK in France Soundcloud
Georgia UK in Georgia HMA Mark Clayton UK in Georgia UK in Georgia Instagram
Germany UK in Germany HMA Jill Gallard CG Rafe Courage CG Simon Kendall UK in Germany Brits in Germany UKinGermany Instagram
Ghana UK in Ghana HC Harriet Thompson UK in Ghana UK in Ghana Instagram UK in Ghana Flickr
Gibraltar Office of the Governor Gibraltar Office of the Governor Gibraltar Facebook  
Greece UK in Greece HMA Matthew Lodge UK in Greece Brits in Greece UK in Greece Flickr Greek Blogyssey Blog
Guatemala UK in Guatemala HMA Nick Whittingham UK in Guatemala UK in Guatemala Flickr UK in Guatemala Blog
Guinea HMA David McIlroy British Embassy Conakry  
Guyana UK in Guyana HC Jane Miller UK in Carribean UK in Guyana  
Haiti UK in Haiti    
Holy See HMA Chris Trott UK in Holy See UK in Holy See Flickr  
Honduras HMA Nick Whittingham UK in Honduras  
Hong Kong UK in Hong Kong Consul General to Hong Kong and Macao UK in Hong Kong  
Hungary UK in Hungary HMA Paul Fox UK in Hungary HMA Paul Fox on Instagram UK in Hungary on YouTube
Iceland UK in Iceland HMA Bryony Mathew UK in Iceland HMA on Instagram UK in Iceland Flickr
India UK in India UK in Bengaluru UK in Mumbai UK in Chandigarh UK in Hyderabad UK in Chennai UK in Ahmedabad UK in Kolkata HC Alex Ellis DHC New Delhi Jan Thompson DHC Ahmedabad Peter Cook DHC Chandigarh Andrew Ayer DHC Bengaluru Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford DHC Hyderabad Andrew Fleming DHC Kolkata Nick Low DHC Chennai Oliver Ballhatchet MBE DHC Mumbai Alan Gemmell UK in India Blog: Prosperity, Economic and Trade Policy Team Eventbrite Flickr Instagram LinkedIn Youtube
Indonesia UK in Indonesia HMA Owen Jenkins UK in Indonesia UK in Indonesia Instagram UK in Indonesia Flickr
Iran UK in Iran HMA Simon Shercliff UK for Iranians  
Iraq UK in Iraq HMA Stephen Hickey UK in Erbil BCG David Hunt UK in Iraq UK in Erbil  
Ireland UK in Ireland HMA Paul Johnston UK in Ireland UK in Ireland Flickr
Israel UK in Israel HMA Neil Wigan DHM Mark Power UK in Israel UK in Israel Instagram UK in Israel LinkedIn
Italy UK in Italy UK in Italia DHM Eleanor Sanders UK in Italy UK in Italy Flickr UK in Italy on Instagram
Ivory Coast UK in UK in Côte d’Ivoire HMA Catherine Brooker UK in Ivory Coast  
Jamaica UK in CaribbeanHC Asif Ahmad UK in Jamaica UK in Jamaica Flickr UK in Jamaica Blog
Japan UK in Japan HMA Julia Longbottom UK in Japan (Tokyo) UK in Japan Flickr
The Occupied Palestinian Territories UK in Jerusalem Consul General Diane Corner UK in Jerusalem UK in Jerusalem on YouTube UK in Jerusalem on Instagram
Jordan UK in Jordan HMA Bridget Brind UK in Jordan UK in Jordan instagram UK in Jordan on Flickr
Kazakhstan UK in Kazakhstan HMA Kathy Leach UK in Kazakhstan UK in Kazakhstan Instagram
Kenya UK in Kenya HC Jane Marriott UK in Kenya UK in Kenya Flickr
Korea UK in Korea HMA Simon Smith UK in Korea UK in Korea Flickr UK in Korea Instagram
Kosovo UK in Kosovo HMA Nicholas Abbott UK in Kosovo HMA Nicholas Abbott UK in Kosovo YouTube
Kyrgyzstan UK in Kyrgyzstan HMA Charles Garrett UK in Kyrgyzstan UK in Kyrgyzstan Instagram
Kuwait UK in Kuwait HMA Belinda Lewis UK in Kuwait UK in Kuwait Instagram UK in Kuwait on Flickr
Laos UK in Laos HMA John Pearson UK in Laos UK in Laos Flickr UK in Laos Instagram HMA John Pearson on Instagram
Latvia HMA Paul Brummell UK in Latvia UK in Latvia UK in Latvia Flickr
Lebanon UK in Lebanon British Ambassador to Lebanon UK in Lebanon UK in Lebanon on Instagram UK in Lebanon on Flickr
Lesotho HC Anne Macro    
Liberia UK in Liberia HMA Neil Bradley UK in Liberia  
Libya UK in Libya HMA Nicholas Hopton UK in Libya  
Lithuania UK in Lithuania HMA Brian Olley UK in Lithuania UK in Lithuania Flickr
Luxembourg HMA Fleur Thomas UK in Luxembourg  
Madagascar UK in Madagascar HMA David Ashley UK in Madagascar  
Malawi UK in Malawi HC David Beer UK in Malawi  
Malaysia UK in Malaysia HC Charles Hay UK in Malaysia UK in Malaysia Instagram
Maldives UK in Maldives HMA Caron Rohsler UK in Maldives UK in Maldives Instagram
Mali   UK in Mali  
Malta UK in Malta BHC Cathy Ward UK in Malta UK in Malta Flickr
Mauritania UK in Mauritania HMA Colin Wells UK in Mauritania  
Mauritius HC Charlotte Pierre UK in Mauritius UK in Mauritius on Flickr
Mexico UK in Mexico HMA Jon Benjamin UK in Mexico UK in Mexico Instagram UK in Mexico LinkedIn UK in Mexico YouTube UK in Mexico Flickr
Moldova UK in Moldova HMA Steven Fisher UK in Moldova UK in Moldova Flickr UK in Moldova YouTube
Mongolia UK in Mongolia HMA Philip Malone UK in Mongolia  
Montenegro UK in Montenegro HMA Karen Maddocks UK in Montenegro  
Montserrat Governor Andy Pearce UK in Montserrat  
Morocco UK in Morocco HMA Simon Martin UK in Morocco UK in Morocco on Instagram
Mozambique UK in Mozambique HC NneNne Iwuji-Eme UK in Mozambique HC on Instagram
Myanmar UK in Myanmar HMA Pete Vowles UK in Myanmar  
Namibia UK in Namibia HC Charles Moore UK in Namibia  
Nepal UK in Nepal HMA Nicola Pollitt UK in Nepal UK in Nepal Flickr
Netherlands UK in Netherlands HMA Joanna Roper International Law Team UK in Netherlands UK in Netherlands Flickr
New Zealand UK in New Zealand HC Laura Clarke UK in New Zealand UK in New Zealand Instagram UK in New Zealand Linkedin
Nicaragua UK in Nicaragua HMA Ben Lyster-Binns UK in Nicaragua  
Niger HMA Catherine Inglehearn UK in Niger  
Nigeria UK in Nigeria HC Catriona Laing DHC Abuja Gill Atkinson DHC Lagos Ben Llewellyn-Jones UK in Nigeria UK in Nigeria Instagram UK in Nigeria LinkedIn
North Korea HMA Colin Crooks    
North Macedonia UK in North Macedonia HMA Rachel Dalloway UK in North Macedonia HMA Rachel Galloway Instagram UK in North Macedonia Blog
Norway UK in Norway HMA Richard Wood UK in Norway HMA Richard Wood on Instagram UK in Norway Instagram UK in Norway Flickr British Embassy Oslo YouTube UK in Norway blog
Oman UK in Oman UK in Oman UK in Oman Instagram UK in Oman on LinkedIn
Pakistan UK in Pakistan HC Christian Turner DHC Karachi Mike Nithavrianakis UK in Pakistan UK in Pakistan Instagram UK in Pakistan Flickr UK in Pakistan Blog
Panama UK in Panama HMA Tim Stew UK in Panama  
Papua New Guinea   UK in Papua New Guinea HC Keith Scott UK in Papua New Guinea
Paraguay UK in Paraguay HMA Ramin Navai British Embassy Asuncion UK in Paraguay Instagram
Peru UK in Peru HMA Kate Harrison UK in Peru UK in Peru Instagram UK in Peru Flickr UK in Peru Blog
Philippines UK in Philippines HMA Laure Beaufils UK in Philippines UK in Philippines Instagram
Poland UK in Poland HMA Anna Clunes UK in Poland British Embassy Warsaw LinkedIn UK in Poland Flickr
Portugal UK in Portugal HMA Chris Sainty DHM Ross Matthews Brits in Portugal UK in Portugal Instagram
Qatar UK in Qatar HMA Jonathan Wilks UK in Qatar UK in Qatar Flickr UK in Qatar Youtube UK in Qatar Instagram
Romania UK in Romania HMA Andrew Noble UK in Romania British Embassy Bucharest LinkedIn UK in Romania Flickr UK in Romania YouTube
Russia UK in Russia HMA Deborah Bronnert UK in Russia UK in Russia Instagram UK in Russia Flickr Martin Harris Blog UK in Russia on YouTube
Rwanda UK in Rwanda UK in Rwanda UK in Rwanda Instagram UK in Rwanda Flickr
Saudi Arabia UK in Saudi Arabia HMA Neil Crompton DHM Anna Walters UK in Saudi Arabia UK in Saudi Arabia Instagram
Senegal UK in Senegal HMA Victoria Billing UK in Senegal UK in Senegal Instagram
Serbia UK in Serbia HMA Sian MacLeod UK in Serbia UK in Serbia Flickr UK in Serbia Instagram
Seychelles UK in Seychelles HC Patrick Lynch UK in Seychelles  
Sierra Leone UK in Sierra Leone HC Lisa Chesney UK in Sierra Leone UK in Sierra Leone on Flickr
Singapore UK in Singapore HC Kara Owen UK in Singapore UK in Singapore Flickr UK in Singapore Instagram UK in Singapore Linkedin
Slovakia UK in Slovakia HMA Nigel Baker UK in Slovakia UK in Slovakia Flickr
Slovenia UK in Slovenia HMA Tiffany Sadler DHM Paul Jancar UK in Slovenia UK in Slovenia Instagram UK in Slovenia Flickr UK in Slovenia
Solomon Islands BHC Honiara HC Thomas Edward Coward UK in Solomon Islands  
Somalia UK in Somalia HMA Kate Foster UK in Somalia Blog UK in Somalia Flickr
South Africa UK in South Africa HC Antony Phillipson UK in South Africa UK in South Africa Instagram UK in South Africa Flickr
South Sudan UK in South Sudan HMA Jonny Baxter UK in South Sudan  
Spain HMA Hugh Elliott UK in Spain UK in Spain Brits Living In Spain UK in Spain Flickr UK in Spain on YouTube UK in Spain Instagram HMA Hugh Elliott Instagram
Sri Lanka UK in Sri Lanka HC Sarah Hulton UK in Sri Lanka UK in Sri Lanka Instagram UK in Sri Lanka Flickr
St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha Governor’s Office St Helena Ascension & Tristan Governor’s Office St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha  
Sudan UK in Sudan DHM Keith McMahon UK in Sudan UK in Sudan YouTube
Sweden UK in Sweden HMA Judith Gough UK in Sweden Judith Gough blog UKinSweden Instagram UK in Sweden Flickr
Switzerland British Embassy Berne HMA Jane Owen UK in Switzerland UK in Switzerland on YouTube
Syria UK for Syria Special Rep for Syria, Jonathan Hargreaves UK for Syria  
Taiwan UK in Taiwan British Office Taipei UK in Taiwan Flickr
Tajikistan UK in Tajikistan UK in Tajikistan UK in Tajkistan Instagram UK in Tajikistan Flickr UK in Tajikistan Blog
Tanzania UK in Tanzania HC David Concar DHC Rick Shearn UK in Tanzania UK in Tanzania Instagram UK in Tanzania Flickr
Thailand UK in Thailand HMA Mark Gooding UK in Thailand UK in Thailand Flickr
The Gambia UK in Gambia HC David Belgrove UK in Gambia  
Tonga UK in Tonga HC Lucy Joyce UK in Tonga  
Trinidad & Tobago HC Harriet Cross UK in Trinidad & Tobago  
Tunisia UK in Tunisia UK in Tunisia UK in Tunisia on Flickr UK in Tunisia on Instagram
Turkey UK in Turkiye Chargé d’Affaires Ajay Sharma DHM Marianne Young HMCG Kenan Poleo UK Defence in Turkey UK in Turkiye UKinTurkey Instagram British Embassy Turkey LinkedIn HMCG HMTC Kenan Poleo Linkedin
Turkmenistan HMA Hugh Philpott UK in Turkmenistan Facebook HMA Hugh Philpott  
Turks & Caicos Islands UK in Turks and Caicos Islands UK in Turks and Caicos Islands  
UAE UK in UAE HMA Patrick Moody UK in UAE UK in UAE Flickr UK in UAE on instagram
Uganda UK in Uganda HC Kate Airey UK in Uganda  
Ukraine UK in Ukraine HMA Melinda Simmons UK in Ukraine UK in Ukraine Instagram UK in Ukraine Flickr UK in Ukraine YouTube
Uruguay UK in Uruguay HMA Faye O’Connnor UK in Uruguay UK in Uruguay Instagram UK in Uruguay LinkedIn UK in Uruguay YouTube
USA UK in USA Ambassador Karen Pierce DHM Michael Tatham UK in Atlanta BCG Atlanta, Andrew Staunton UK in Boston BCG Boston, Peter Abbott UK in Chicago Denver Consul Erin Kuhn UK in Florida BCG Miami, Nicolette Brent UK in Los Angeles BCG LA, Emily Cloke UK in New York BCG New York and HM Trade Commissioner Emma Wade-Smith UK in San Francisco BCG San Francisco, Joe White Seattle Consul Robin Twyman UK in Texas BCG Houston, Richard Hyde UK Military & Defence Staff in US UK in USA Facebook UK in USA Flickr UK in USA Instagram UK in Atlanta Instagram UK in Boston Instagram UK in Chicago Instagram UK in Florida Instagram UK in New York Instagram UK in Los Angeles Instagram UK in San Francisco Instagram UK in Texas Instagram UK Military & Defence Staff in US Instagram UK in USA LinkedIn
Uzbekistan UK in Uzbekistan HMA Tim Torlot UK in Uzbekistan UK in Uzbekistan Instagram UK in Uzbekistan Flickr
Vanuatu HC Karen Bell UK in South Pacific  
Venezuela UK in Venezuela UK in Venezuela UK in Venezuela Flickr
Vietnam UK in Vietnam HMA Gareth Ward UK in Vietnam UK in Vietnam Flickr UK in Vietnam Instagram UK in Vietnam Linkedin
Yemen UK in Yemen HMA Richard Oppenheim UK in Yemen  
Zambia UK in Zambia Nicholas Woolley UK in Zambia  
Zimbabwe @UKinZimbabwe HMA Melanie Robinson UK in Zimbabwe UK in Zimbabwe Instagram

Our UK missions to international organisations

Twitter Facebook Other
African Union UK at the African Union Alastair McPhail    
ASEAN Ambassador to UK mission to ASEAN    
Council of Europe UK Delegation to the Council of Europe DHM Rob Linham    
European Union UK Mission to the EU   UK Mission to the EU InstagramUK Mission to the EU Flickr
OECD UK Permanent Delegation to the OECD HMA Natacha Alexander    
OPCW UK Delegation to the OPCW    
OSCE UK Delegation to the OSCE HMA Neil Bush    
NATO UK Joint Delegation to NATO Sarah MacIntosh UK at NATO Flickr  
United Nations UK Mission to the United Nations, New York HMA Barbara Woodward HMA James Kariuki UK Mission Vienna UK Representation to the UN Rome   UK UN in New York Instagram
World Trade Organisation, UN and Other International Organisations (Geneva) UK Mission Geneva Simon Manley Miriam Shearman Rita French Aidan Liddle UK Mission Geneva UK Mission Geneva Instagram HMA Simon Manley Instagram UK Mission on YouTube Bob Last blog Aidan Liddle blog UK Mission Geneva Flickr