Regulatory actions and interventions by Ofqual

This collection explains what we are currently doing to deal with problems at the organisations we regulate, and selected recent actions.

When one of the organisations we regulate does something wrong, or has a problem that impacts on its qualifications, then we may need to take action to put things right.

There are several different things we can do. We might:

  • put extra, temporary rules (“special conditions”) in place for that organisation, or for some of its qualifications
  • require the organisation to do certain things, or to stop doing certain things
  • fine the organisation
  • withdraw the organisation’s recognition - so it can no longer offer regulated qualifications

Our policy document Taking Regulatory Action describes these options - and how we will use them - in more detail.

We also use special conditions for new regulated organisations, or organisations that have started offering new regulated qualifications. This might be because we want to check the organisation can produce valid qualifications, or that it follows through on commitments it made in its application.

Current actions

  1. Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments undertaking November 2018
  2. University of the Arts London undertaking November 2018
  3. Signature undertaking: September 2018
  4. Industry Qualifications: Notice of Costs Recovery: September 2018
  5. Industry Qualifications: Notice of Monetary Penalty: September 2018
  6. BWYQ: Direction, September 2018
  7. OCR undertaking, review of marking conditions: August 2018
  8. OCR undertaking, marking arrangements conditions: August 2018
  9. OCR: Notice of costs recovery: July 2018
  10. OCR: Notice of Monetary Penalty: July 2018
  11. OCR Notice of Intention to fine: July 2018
  12. AVA: Withdrawal of recognition: May 2018
  13. OCR: notice of monetary penalty: April 2018
  14. OCR: notice of costs recovery: April 2018
  15. Cambridge Assessment: Special conditions: March 2018
  16. OCR: notice of intention to fine: March 2018
  17. OCR undertaking: March 2018
  18. LAMDA: notice of monetary penalty: February 2018
  19. LAMDA: notice of costs recovery: February 2018
  20. ETCAL undertaking: January 2018
  21. Industry Qualifications: Notice of Intention to Fine: February 2017
  22. ACCA: Undertaking: February 2016
  23. BCS: Undertaking: February 2016
  24. Pearson: Undertaking: May 2013

Previous (closed) actions

  1. WJEC-CBAC: Special conditions: May 2014
  2. Pearson: Special conditions: May 2014
  3. OCR: Special conditions: May 2014
  4. AQA: Special conditions: May 2014
  5. FDQ Undertaking: August 2018
  6. ETCAL: Special conditions imposed: January 2018
  7. AVA Undertaking: March 2018
  8. ATHE Undertaking: February 2018
  9. AQA undertaking: December 2017
  10. LAMDA Notice of Intention to fine: November 2017
  11. City & Guilds: Notice of Intention to fine: July 2016
  12. LAMDA: Undertaking: August 2016
  13. City & Guilds: notice of costs recovery: August 2016
  14. City & Guilds: notice of monetary penalty: August 2016
  15. Pearson: Notice of costs recovery: November 2016
  16. Pearson: notice of monetary penalty: November 2016
  17. ETCAL direction: October 2017
  18. Institute of the Motor Industry: Undertaking: August 2017
  19. Undertaking from Rock School Ltd - August 2017
  20. OCR: Special Conditions: June 2017
  21. LAMDA Undertaking: March 2017
  22. Pearson: Notice of Intention to fine: September 2016
  23. STA: Undertaking: July 2016
  24. Cambridge English: Undertaking: July 2016
  25. MTE: Undertaking: May 2016
  26. Industry Qualifications Ltd: Direction: February 2016
  27. Laser: Undertaking: February 2016
  28. City & Guilds: Undertaking: October 2015
  29. CELL: Undertaking: October 2014
  30. OCR: Undertaking: March 2014
  31. ABMA: Undertaking: April 2014
  32. ABMA: Undertaking: June 2014
  33. AABPS: Withdrawal of recognition: July 2014
  34. LCM: Withdrawal of recognition: January 2014
  35. IAO Undertaking: May 2018
Published 26 November 2014
Last updated 3 December 2018 + show all updates
  1. Special Conditions: May 2014 entries for AQA, OCR, Pearson and WJEC-CBAC moved to closed actions.
  2. Added entries for CISI and UAL November 2018
  3. IAO undertaking closed.
  4. Rock School Ltd undertaking closed
  5. Addition of Signature undertaking. FDQ undertaking closed.
  6. Addition of three actions - OCR Special Conditions (June 2017); IQ: Notice of a monetary penalty (September 2018) and IQ: Notice of costs recovery (September 2018)
  7. Added direction to the British Wheel of Yoga Qualifications.
  8. Added undertaking from FDQ regarding centre agreements.
  9. Added 2 undertakings from OCR relating to marking of GCSE and A levels.
  10. Addition of OCR notice of monetary penalty and notice of costs recovery
  11. ETCAL Special Conditions undertaking closed and moved to relevant section. OCR Notice of Intention to fine added to relevant section. IAO undertaking added to relevant section. ATHE undertaking closed and added to relevant section.
  12. Added one closed action and one open action for AVA Ltd (trading as BAA).
  13. Added two new decisions documents: OCR notice of monetary penalty April 2018 and OCR notice of costs recovery April 2018.
  14. Cambridge Assessment: Special conditions: March 2018 added
  15. Added an undertaking from OCR and a notice of intention to fine OCR.
  16. Moved some notices and actions to closed and added decisions relating to LAMDA fine.
  17. Closed a direction given to ETCAL. Published special conditions on ETCAL and an undertaking from ETCAL.
  18. Added an undertaking from AQA.
  19. IMI undertaking moved to closed actions.
  20. Added LAMDA Notice of Intention to fine: November 2017 as current action. Added LAMDA Undertaking: March 2017 as a previous (closed) action.
  21. Added undertaking from Rock School Ltd (RSL).
  22. Added ETCAL direction.
  23. Added and undertaking from the Institute of the Motor Industry.
  24. Added notice of intention to fine Industry Qualifications Ltd.
  25. Added decision to impose a fine on Pearson and a notice of costs recovery relating to that fine. Moved an undertaking from Mountain Training England to the closed actions list.
  26. Discharged an undertaking from STA.
  27. Updated to include notice of intention to fine Pearson, 22 September 2016.
  28. Cambridge English undertaking closed.
  29. City & Guilds regulatory decisions added
  30. LAMDA: Undertaking: August 2016 - added
  31. City & Guilds undertaking moved to 'closed' section.
  32. Updated to include undertaking documents from Cambridge English and STA dated 27 July 2016.
  33. Updated to add notice of intention to fine City & Guilds, 5 July 2016
  34. Updated to show closed actions.
  35. Added a direction to Industry Qualifications Ltd (IQ)
  36. Added undertaking from Laser.
  37. Added undertakings from ACCA and BCS.
  38. Added an undertaking from City & Guilds.
  39. OCR undertaking moved to closed actions.
  40. OCR: Special conditions: May 2014 - Condition A5.7 was revoked on 21 August 2015
  41. ABMA undertakings from 2014 have now been discharged.
  42. First published.