LCM: Withdrawal of recognition: January 2014

The London Centre of Marketing can no longer offer or award regulated qualifications.



Awarding organisation Issue Action taken Case Status
London Centre of Marketing Limited

Albemarle House
Albemarle Street Road
Compliance with the ‘General Conditions of Recognition’ Withdrawal of recognition (effective from 22nd July 2014) Closed

From Wednesday 22 January 2014, London Centre of Marketing (LCM) will no longer be able to offer or award regulated qualifications. This means that existing students are not able to continue their qualification with LCM and will need to transfer to another awarding organisation to continue their qualification. We have asked schools, colleges, training centres and other awarding organisations to help learners transfer to other qualifications.

LCM has a right to appeal against this decision by requesting an independent review. If this request is granted the date of withdrawal may change or we may decide to take different action.

The attached decision explains why we chose to withdraw LCM’s recognition.

Published 7 January 2014