Health and safety at work


  1. Fire safety in the workplace

    Fire safety in business and non-domestic premises: the responsible person, fire risk assessments, shared premises, new buildings, enforcement, appeals and penalties

  2. Workplace temperatures

    There is no law for a minimum or maximum temperature, but during working hours the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings must be reasonable

  3. Running a business from home

    Running a business from home - insurance, business rates, expenses, tax allowances

  4. Smoking at work: the law

    The law on smoking in the workplace and what businesses must do to prevent smoking at work

  5. Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

    Contact information for finding out about health and safety at work issues and making a complaint and reporting injuries

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Remove: guidance on removing hazardous substances
  2. Management of health and safety in defence (JSP 375 part 1)
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Research and statistics

  1. Health and safety statistics: 2017/18 annual release
  2. Fatal injuries in the workplace: 1 April to 30 June 2018
  3. Annual offshore statistics and regulatory activity report 2017
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