Corporate report

Disability, wellbeing and mental health at HM Revenue and Customs

A framework for reporting on disability, health and wellbeing.



Following the Thriving at work review of mental health and employers, the government launched a new framework that encourages businesses to report how many of their staff have a disability or health condition, and to assess the overall wellbeing of staff.

The framework is voluntary and was created in partnership with employers and charities. The Civil Service reports against the framework in full.

In accordance with guidance for voluntary reporting on disability, mental health and wellbeing, this outlines developments at HM Revenue and Customs.

On this page you can read our reports for 2019:

  • a foreword from Angela MacDonald, HMRC’s Wellbeing Champion
  • HMRC’s reporting on workforce disability
  • HMRC’s reporting on workforce mental health and wellbeing
Published 23 September 2019