Women and girls in developing countries


  1. Girls' Education 2018 to 2020: call for bids

    The Foreign & Commonwealth Office is seeking proposals for a project to promote 12 years of quality education and learning for all girls, building on commitments at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in April 2018.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Girls' Education Challenge
  2. Work and Opportunities for Women
  3. What Works in preventing violence against women and girls: review of the evidence from the programme
  4. Violence against women and girls: Evidence digest November 2018
  5. Violence against women and girls: Evidence digest July 2018
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News and communications

  1. 22 UK and Chinese companies pledge to further gender equality in the workplace
  2. UKaid direct funded 'maternal health project' launches in Ghana: speech by DFID Country Director
  3. 2nd African Girls Summit: speech by DFID Country Director Philip Smith
  4. UK aid makes largest ever investment to help end FGM worldwide by 2030
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Research and statistics

  1. DFID response to ICAI recommendations on: Assessing DFID's Results in Improving Maternal Health
  2. What works in addressing violence against women and girls? Lessons from the Typhoon Haiyan response
  3. Evaluation gender equality and women’s empowerment phase II thematic evaluation: maternal mortality (wp 8)
  4. Girls’ Education and Gender Equality
  5. Malaria and Reproductive Maternal and Newborn Health Frameworks for Results: Mid Term Review
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Family planning in humanitarian crises
  2. Family Planning Summit: Summary of UK Commitments
  3. Cash transfers: Help for those who need it most
  4. Music transforms lives of youth in Afghanistan
  5. Afghan Women Using Greenhouses to Grow Cucumbers
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Department for International Development single departmental plan
  2. The Strategic Vision for Girls and Women: Three years on
  3. Strategic vision for girls and women: One year on
  4. DFID's response to ICAI report: Girl Hub
  5. Newsletter on Gender Equality in Africa August 2010
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