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  1. Change the register (AP1)

  2. Pension schemes: registered pension schemes relief at source annual claims (APSS 106)

  3. Request for a retrospective extension of time

    • IPO
    • Form
  4. MOD support fund for schools with service children: grant application pack

    • MOD
    • Form
  5. Plant varieties: technical questionnaires

  6. Cyber Security Skills Immediate Impact Fund

    • DCMS
    • Form
  7. Get a copy of a child abuse assessment or child protection plan

  8. HCV genotypic susceptibility testing request form

  9. Deputy annual report forms: accounting for your actions

  10. Advanced learner loans facility requests

  11. Application form for consent to construct works on common land

    • The Planning Inspectorate
    • Form
  12. Application form to deregister common land or village greens

    • The Planning Inspectorate
    • Form
  13. Funeral Expenses Payment claim form

    • DWP
    • Form
  14. Apply for road haulage permits for some non-EU countries

  15. Apply for Moroccan empty entry and hors contingent haulage permits

  16. AFCS and War Pensions Scheme claim form

  17. Common Chart of Accounts

    • HMT
    • Form
  18. VO 6065 request for rental information: building costs

  19. Claim a top-up refund or compensation for Childcare Service issues

    • HMRC
    • Form
  20. Application for certificate showing right of abode

  21. Apply to become a British citizen by naturalisation (form AN)

  22. Pet travel: reporting non-compliance with the PETS regulations

    • APHA
    • Form
  23. Authorise HMRC to temporarily deal with your tax adviser (COMP1a)

    • HMRC
    • Form
  24. Monthly Shellfish Activity Return (MSAR 1)

    • MMO
    • Form
  25. Adolescent vaccine coverage: school level data collection tools

  26. Capital grant application form: Countryside Stewardship

  27. Cancellation of restriction: statement of truth (ST5)

  28. Application for UK visa (access rights to child): appendix 5 VAF4A

  29. Pension schemes: Enhanced Lifetime Allowance (international) (APSS202)

  30. Apply to keep a vehicle registration number and put it on another vehicle (form V317)

    • DVLA
    • Form
  31. Application for UK visa as member of HM Armed Forces: VAF AF

  32. Family Graduated Fee and Family Advocacy claim forms

  33. Apply to become a registered exporter

    • HMRC
    • Form
  34. Otters: apply for a mitigation licence (A45)

    • Natural England
    • Form
    • Part of a collection: Otter licences
  35. Extend stay or settle in the UK as a person who was refused asylum: form FLR(DL)

  36. Application to extend stay in UK (long residence): form FLR(LR)

  37. CW2 (IMM) for representation, disbursement limit extension (CW3C), review of refusal (CW4): immigration forms

  38. General aviation operators and pilots notification of flights

  39. Register as a non-resident company for the Construction Industry Scheme

    • HMRC
    • Form
  40. Certify a vehicle is or has been carrying dangerous goods