Women and girls in developing countries


We want to improve the lives of girls and women in every area of our international development work, from education to maternal and child health, from personal safety and security to economic and political empowerment.

By putting girls and women at the heart of everything we do, we can stop poverty before it starts. For example, we know that getting girls into school begins a chain reaction of further benefits. Educated women have better maternal health, fewer and healthier children and increased economic opportunities. They are also more likely to send their own children to school.

Our support to girls and women is also based on basic human rights. We believe girls and women have the right to:

  • have control over their own bodies
  • have a voice in their community and country
  • live a life free of the fear of violence
  • choose who to marry and when
  • get an education
  • get a job
  • choose how they spend the money they earn


To help girls and women to improve their opportunities and give them more control over their lives, we’re:

For more detail, read our Strategic Vision for Girls and Women 2011 and see the full reports on what has been achieved in the last 2 years - Strategic vision for girls and women: Two years on and Strategic vision for girls and women: One year on.

Read the latest update to the strategic vision (March 2014)