Statistics at BEIS

Statistics on business, emissions, energy sources, prices and efficiency, fuel poverty, and the survey of public attitudes towards business and energy policy.

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Latest statistics

View our latest statistics. We also announce publication dates for all national and official statistics in advance.


Public Attitudes Tracker

Representative household survey collecting data on public attitudes towards the department’s policy areas. Published quarterly.


Annual publications on business populations and the small business survey. Publication on the innovation survey published at two-year intervals. Monthly publication on building materials:

Greenhouse gas emissions and climate change

Annual publications and data on the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions used to monitor progress against international and domestic climate change targets:

Annual energy publications

Annual publications providing an overall summary of our statistics. These review the UK’s energy sector, particularly supply, consumption, stocks and trade:

Energy balances (sources, production and consumption)

Quarterly publication on the balances of UK’s production, consumption and trade of energy:

Data tables and commentaries on the supply and demand of energy by fuel:

Energy for heating

Publications reviewing the generation and use of heat within the UK. Annual publication on Combined Heat and Power. Quarterly publication on Renewable Heat Incentive. Monthly publication on Boiler Upgrade Scheme:

Energy prices

Quarterly publication on energy and fuel prices for consumers and industry in the UK and comparisons with prices paid abroad:

Data tables and commentaries on energy and fuel prices by consumption sector and international comparisons of prices paid:

Energy efficiency

Publications covering the uptake and impacts of energy efficiency measures within Great Britain. Monthly, quarterly and annual publications on Household Energy Efficiency, covering ECO and Green Deal. Monthly publications on Green Homes Grant and Home Upgrade Grant, and Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund. Annual publication on NEED. Quarterly publication on Smart Meters.

Fuel poverty

Annual publications and data to monitor fuel poverty in England:

Sub-national consumption

Annual publications and data examining sub-national energy consumption in the UK:

Read the guidance and methodology for the publications:

Other BEIS statistics

Higher and further education statistics, previously published by Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), are now published by the Department for Education.

How accessible are our statistics

We are committed to making our statistical outputs accessible. We have reviewed our statistical outputs and for the large majority of our statistical series, the most recent publication includes accessible versions of all outputs, in line with The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations 2018 (the “accessibility regulations”) . There are a small number of statistical series where the elements of the latest release are not fully accessible. In particular, some of our spreadsheets may not be clearly structured with labelled tables, and labelled headings. Columns headings may be blank. Workbooks tabs may not have a clear title. This does not meet success criterion 1.3.1 (info and relationships) .

We are working on these remaining series and will ensure that accessible versions of the latest releases are available by the end of 2022 at the latest.

In accordance with the accessibility regulations, we have assessed the impact of making all statistics published between 23 September 2018 and 23 September 2020 fully accessible. This was deemed to be a disproportionate burden for the following reasons:

  1. BEIS published around 350 statistical publications in the period 23 September 2018 to 22 September 2020. The majority of these publications are not fully accessible. Making all publications fully accessible would have large resource implications, which would significantly impact on our ability to meet the current statistical needs of our users.
  2. Users of routine regular statistics bulletins should only access the most recently published iteration, which may include revisions, methodological improvements and changes, and incorporates retrospection. The latest iteration thus generally supersedes all earlier iterations.
  3. Google Analytics evidence demonstrates that usage is high for the most recent iteration only, falling to negligible levels after the release of subsequent iterations, so actual usage does not support a need to proactively reproduce earlier iterations. For ad hoc releases the same trend is observed, indicating ad hocs are of primary interest close to the time of release, and this interest does not persist.

In line with the accessibility regulations, we will provide a specific statistical publication in a different format if requested.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (in Great Britain) and the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland (in Northern Ireland) are responsible for enforcing the accessibility regulations. If you are unsatisfied with your response from BEIS, you may contact the Equality Advisory and Support Service or the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

Corporate procedures and standards

We produce national and official statistics in accordance with the guidance provided in the Code of Practice for Statistics. Details on how we do this are set out in the documents below.

Archived statistics

GOV.UK offers the most recent statistics BEIS has published. This includes statistics previously published by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) (both now closed).

Earlier versions of the former Department for Business, Innovation and Skills website and the associated historic publications are available from the National Archives.

Earlier versions of the former Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) website and the associated publications are available from the National Archives.