Oil statistics

Data on UK production, trade and demand of oil by sector, including crude oil and natural gas liquids, and products including transport fuels.

Oil statistics examine trends in crude oil and petroleum products, covering:

  • production 
  • trade (imports and exports)
  • consumption 
  • stocks 

Our tables in Energy Trends and the Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES) include commentary explaining key trends. The chapters provide a more in-depth review for the most recent period.

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Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES): annual data

Annual review of the UK’s petroleum sector, with data provided on production, trade and demand by detailed sector splits. A summary and explanation of long term trends are provided in the chapter text.

Energy trends: quarterly and monthly data

Quarterly and monthly data on production, trade, stocks and demand of oil by broad sector.

Energy trends: articles

Regular and one-off articles containing additional analysis on production, trade and demand.

Average road fuel sales and stock levels

Experimental statistics based on average road fuel sales and stock levels at sampled filling stations in Great Britain.


Supplementary information on the data and methods used to produce oil statistics. Information on any changes to the statistics are also provided. 

Historical time series data

Long-term time series data, published every July alongside DUKES.

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