Oil statistics

This series brings together all documents relating to oil statistics.

Annual, quarterly and monthly oil statistics available to download.

DUKES (annual data)

  1. Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES): petroleum
  1. Energy Trends: oil and oil products
  1. Energy Trends: September 2017, special feature article - Diversity of supply for oil and oil products in OECD countries in 2016
  2. Energy Trends: March 2017, special feature article - Mapping the UK’s oil stocks
  3. Energy Trends: September 2016, special feature article - New methodology for estimating inland deliveries of road fuels and gas oil
  4. Energy Trends: June 2016, special feature article - Changes to the oil and gas tables
  5. Energy Trends: March 2016, special feature article - Consultation on DECC’s oil and gas statistical tables
  6. Energy Trends: June 2014, special feature articles - Changes to oil demand data
  7. Energy Trends: March 2014, special feature articles - Supermarket share of retail sales


Historical data

  1. Crude oil and petroleum: production, imports and exports
  2. Crude oil and petroleum products: imports by product
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