Renewables statistics

This series brings together all documents relating to Renewable energy statistics.

Annual, quarterly and monthly renewables statistics available to download.

A DECC supported website launched in July 2010 provides statistical information on renewable energy projects. The Restats website contains:

  • performance statistics on all relevant renewable energy sources in the UK, which are used to compile data in the Digest of United Kingdom energy statistics (DUKES)
  • data which tracks the progress of renewable projects from inception, through planning, construction, and operational phases
  • on-line maps showing the status of renewable project

28 November 2013 - Revisions to table DUKES 6.7; Progress under the 2009 EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED)

Table DUKES 6.7 has been revised since first publication in July 2013, in order to be consistent with the UK’s submission to the EU on progress under the RED, which included some data and methodology revisions.

The revisions have been mainly to the 2011 and 2012 renewable energy consumption numerators, as follows (aggregate revisions over the two years):

  • New data on additional Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates issued (used for measuring sustainable biofuels used in transport): +228 KTOE
  • Other revisions to renewable energy components: -45 KTOE

Across 2011 and 2012, the UK achieved an average of 4.00 per cent (revised from 3.94 per cent), against the 4.04 per cent interim target for the time period set out in the RED. The shortfall in renewable energy consumption over the two years (revised from 275 KTOE to 93 KTOE) remains within the margin of error around the estimate.

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