Sub-national methodology and guidance

Information on sub-national energy consumption statistics.



This methodology and guidance is to help local authorities and other users interpret the DESNZ sub-national energy consumption statistics.

It provides detailed information about the collection and compilation of the sub-national estimates used for the datasets, in particular their coverage, limitations and comparability.

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Published 27 June 2013
Last updated 28 March 2024 + show all updates
  1. Methodology updated alongside publication of Parliamentary constituency estimates of properties not connected to the gas network.

  2. Updated alongside publication of the 2022 sub-national electricity and gas consumption data.

  3. Updated December 2023 alongside publication of the latest electricity and gas consumption data for Northern Ireland.

  4. Updated alongside publication of the 2021 sub-national total final energy consumption data.

  5. Updated with 2023 version.

  6. Methodology updated with 2021 Sub-national consumption statistics.

  7. Methodology and guidance updated with 2022 statistics release.

  8. Updated alongside publication of the 2020 subnational super output area electricity and gas data.

  9. Updated alongside the publication of 2020 subnational data.

  10. Methodology and guidance updated with 2021 statistics release.

  11. Methodology updated with 2019 Sub-national consumption statistics.

  12. Methodology updated alongside September 2020 subnational data.

  13. Methodology document updated.

  14. 2019 Methodology published

  15. Methodology guidance updated with publication of Sub-national residual fuel consumption data

  16. Updated Methodology note

  17. 2017 Methodology and guidance note published

  18. Sub-national methodology and guidance booklet 2016 - BEIS.

  19. Updated guidance document

  20. Updated guidance document.

  21. Updated guidance published.

  22. First published.

  23. Updated document to reflect new data.