Sub-national electricity consumption in Northern Ireland (experimental)

This page contains electricity consumption data in Northern Ireland.

This page contains the sub-national electricity consumption data for Northern Ireland which DECC produces. This dataset is produced using a different data source and methodology than the Great Britain local authority level statistics and are currently experimental.

It is strongly advised that users become familiar with the accompanying Methodology and guidance note, produced by DECC before using any of the following statistics. This document contains extensive details of the data sources and methodology used in the creation of the statistics on this page. The guide also contains information regarding tools and other related datasets produced by DECC.

Contained on this page are links to DECC’s local authority level electricity consumption statistics for Northern Ireland. This includes: the full datasets (both domestic and non-domestic) and a factsheet summarising the key points of the dataset.

Previous editions are available from The National Archive.


Local authority data

Published 27 June 2013