Insolvency Service official statistics

This collection brings together the Insolvency Service's official statistics and provides details of the information published, including the release schedule

The Insolvency Service has four regular statistical publications:

Publication schedule

Insolvency Service Official Statistics publication schedule

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Insolvency Statistics: user feedback survey

The Insolvency Service is currently seeking feedback on its statistical publications in order to make them more relevant and useful. Please help by completing the survey .

We are specifically seeking feedback on

  • How our statistics are presented and explained; and
  • Which statistics you use.

Archive statistics

Statistics published before 2014 (National Archives website)

The Accountant in Bankruptcy produces quarterly Official Statistics on company and individual insolvencies in Scotland, some of which are incorporated into the Insolvency Service’s quarterly Insolvency Statistics publication.

Companies House produces quarterly statistics on corporate insolvencies and dissolutions. It also produces annual statistics on the number of directors disqualified.

The Office for National Statistics produces annual statistics on business deaths in its Business Demography publication. These statistics relate to all registered businesses, whereas Insolvency Statistics relate to companies on the Companies House register.

The Ministry of Justice produces quarterly National Statistics on civil court insolvency petitions.

Policy and procedures

  1. Insolvency Service Statistics: User engagement feedback
  2. Insolvency Statistics: policy and procedures
  3. Insolvency Statistics: pre-release access
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