UK greenhouse gas emissions statistics

This series brings together all documents relating to historical UK greenhouse gas emissions.

This page lists the various publications available on UK greenhouse gas emissions including official statistics publications.

The UK produces an annual greenhouse gas inventory, a consistent time series of UK greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 onwards. Official statistics on UK greenhouse gas emissions are also produced annually and provide an accessible source of data for users who are not inventory experts.

Final emissions statistics produced each February provide users with the latest emissions and allow the UK to monitor its progress towards international and domestic targets. Provisional and quarterly statistics provide users with an early indication of trends in emissions nearly a year ahead of the final statistics publication. Local authority statistics allow local authorities to monitor their progress against any local level targets.

Projections of emissions are available from BEIS energy and emissions projections.

Further information on climate change is available from:

For information on emissions conversion factors please go to the Greenhouse Gas conversion factor repository.

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Final UK greenhouse gas emissions national statistics

Provisional UK greenhouse gas emissions national statistics

UK greenhouse gas emissions quarterly official statistics

UK local authority and regional carbon dioxide emissions national statistics

Devolved administration greenhouse gas inventories

UK annual national inventory report


Other technical reports

Supplementary technical reports relating to greenhouse gas emissions including the following:

  • Alternative approaches to reporting UK greenhouse gas emissions
  • List of greenhouse gases with corresponding GWP
  • Record of UK base year emissions
  • Background quality report
  1. UK greenhouse gas emissions: other technical reports

    • Research and analysis
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