Feed-in Tariff statistics

Annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly feed-in tariff statistics available to download.

‘Energy trends’ articles and archive publications, including previous versions of weekly solar PV statistics (up to 09 September 2012) can be found on the National Archives website.

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Please note the weekly statistics are no longer updated, solar PV deployment data will continue to be made available via the monthly publication.

  1. Weekly solar PV installation & capacity based on registration date

    • Statistical data set


  1. Monthly MCS and ROOFIT degression statistics

    • Statistical data set
  2. Monthly feed-in tariff commissioned installations

    • National Statistics
  3. Solar photovoltaics deployment

    • National Statistics
  4. Monthly Central Feed-in Tariff register statistics

    • Statistical data set


Please note that the ‘Sub-regional Feed-in Tariff statistics’ table only contains data for the latest quarter. Historical data are published in the Interactive map underlying data sets table.

Interactive Map

  1. Community and school Feed-in Tariff statistics

    • Official Statistics
  2. Sub-regional Feed-in Tariffs statistics

    • Statistical data set


  1. Solar PV cost data

    • Official Statistics
  2. Feed-in Tariff generation statistics

    • Statistical data set

Pending ROO-FIT Data

The pending ROO-FIT application data has not been quality assured and contains inaccuracies. The Department of Energy and Climate Change and Ofgem accept no liability for any errors or omissions in this information, and assume no responsibility for use of any of this information or any decisions made in view of it.

Quality assured data will continue to be published monthly in the form of the ROO-FIT Degression statistics.

ROO-FIT Pending data will be published by DECC every six months. The next publication will be on 31st July 2015.

  1. ROO-FIT Pending Data: Applications

    • Official Statistics