Weather statistics

Annual and monthly publications on weather trends used for context for a variety of energy publications.

Weather statistics are produced monthly as part of Energy Trends (chapter 7) and annually as part of The Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES). These statistics help to provide some context for trends identified in consumption and for renewable electricity generation. They cover:

  • temperatures
  • heating degree days
  • wind speed
  • sun hours
  • rainfall

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Previous editions of Energy Trends are available from The National Archives.

Digest of UK Energy Statistics (DUKES): annual data

Annual data on temperature and heating degree days, including long-term trends on temperature, from 1970.

Energy Trends: quarterly and monthly data

Quarterly and monthly data on weather patterns, including temperature and heating degree days, wind, sun hours and rainfall.


A collection of maps illustrating the location of weather stations used to collect data by the UK’s Meteorological Office. These data are used to compile the weather statistics produced by BEIS.

Published 26 September 2013