Future positive: a resource guide for people working with disabled care leavers

This guide provides LAs with a tool help them development effective services that support young disabled people as they leave care.



The young people whose needs this document aims to address are far from a homogeneous group and, as the guide uses a broad definition of disability, young people are likely to be found in a wide variety of service locations. The challenge that this document sets is firstly to identify those locations through the development of good management information processes across services and then to ensure that all young people are receiving their entitlements under the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000.

This document will be of interest to policy makers, practitioners, commissioners, partnership boards and anyone else who is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for young disabled care leavers.

It provides a guide to legal and policy issues, local planning frameworks and practice issues. Within each section, there is a structured set of questions to enable practitioners and local policy makers to assess local performance in relation to disabled care leavers.

A range of good practice examples and a useful set of web and paper based resources are also included to help the reader. Further practical help and recommendations to improve practice are also available in the appendices.

The guide is designed for use as a self-audit tool for service planners, managers, service providers and practitioners across a range of agencies, and for application at both strategic and practice based levels.


  • Introduction to the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000
  • A framework for delivery
  • Pathways in practice
  • Supporting young disabled people
  • Appendices
Published 15 June 2004