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CDE Marketplace 2016

The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) will showcase some of the best research ideas it’s funded at a Marketplace event in London on 27 April 2016.

Minister for Defence Procurement viewing RipJar exhibit at CDE Marketplace 2015.

Minister for Defence Procurement viewing intelligence technology company RipJar's exhibit at the CDE Marketplace in 2015.

The Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE), part of MOD’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) is holding a Marketplace event in London on 27 April 2016.

The aim of the Marketplace is to showcase innovations from some of our funding competitions to potential investors, from the defence market and wider, to increase the likelihood of exploitation.

Attendance at this event is by invite only to potential investors from the defence industry and other areas, plus wider government.

This Marketplace will feature the winners of our persistent surveillance from the air, and agile immersive mission training competitions with the UK Defence Solutions Centre, plus additional successful projects from other CDE funding competitions.

This high-profile event will be opened by Philip Dunne MP, the Minister for Defence Procurement.

The day will include keynote presentations, 5-minute pitch sessions for our exhibitors giving a taster of what they’ve done, and exhibition areas to showcase innovative projects, network and build new relationships.

The companies exhibiting for CDE are listed below along with the innovative project title, click on the project title to view the case study.

CDE enduring and themed competitions

Company Project
Riskaware Ltd (SME) Analysing the effect of a cyber-attack on a mission
IQHQ (SME) Developing better wireless communications technology for the military
University of Bristol (academia) Improved relays for radiation-resistant and high-temperature electronics
PacTec (SME) Personal radio-locator system for soldiers
ALLOTROPE Power Systems (was MAST Carbon) (SME) New, high-power energy storage devices
Meon Technology Ltd (SME) Improving the performance of chaff countermeasures through the use of microwires
University of Birmingham (academia) Using low-power light to reduce infection risk and increase tissue repair after injury
Imperial College London (academia) 3D printing synthetic bones for blast injury research
University of Strathclyde (academia) Portable blood salvage device to improve survivability of severely injured personnel
VERT Rotors (SME) An innovative compressor design to improve infrared imaging performance
University of Birmingham (academia) Research and development of passive missile–borne radar
Spectra Medical (SME) High-resolution imaging from smaller apertures

Agile, immersive mission training competition

Organisation and type Project
Transmedia Storyteller Ltd (SME) Reducing time to reach mission readiness
Newman and Spurr Consultancy Ltd (SME) Helping instructors with improved immersive training system
Muretex Ltd (SME) Improving training effectiveness with Google Glass
BMT Defence Services (SME) Closing the training loop with the novel use of learning data
Inzpire Ltd (SME) A graphically hosted objective training solution
Minerva Simulation Ltd (SME) Using simulation for better Armoured Fighting Vehicle training
Plextek Ltd (SME) Identifying strengths and weaknesses with virtual-reality skills tests

Agile training for explosive ordnance search teams
Close Air Solutions (SME) Training soldiers using an augmented-reality environment
QinetiQ (large) Adding wearable technologies into simulation experiences

Simulation technology for social-media training

Persistent surveillance from the air competition

Organisation and type Project
Glyndwr Innovations Ltd (SME) Ultra-lightweight optical system for aerial ground imaging
Amethyst Research Ltd (SME) New infrared sensing capabilities for persistent surveillance
University of Strathclyde (academia) Saving power and frequency requirements with new radar communication framework
University of Birmingham (academia) Persistent surveillance from the air with novel radar system
Plextek Ltd (SME) Detecting radio-frequency emissions more accurately
Roke Manor Research Ltd (large) Communications from high-altitude unmanned air systems
Selex ES Ltd (large) Developing lightweight wide-area infrared surveillance
QinetiQ (large) Small sensors for high-resolution imaging and video

Laser radar system for high-resolution 3D imaging

We had a similar event last year and 100% of our exhibitors said that they found the event useful and made new connections, and attendees found out about useful capabilities from innovative SMEs and academia that fitted with their programmes. The event was attended by over 100 potential investors.

About CDE

CDE funds novel, high-risk, high-potential-benefit research. We work with the broadest possible range of science and technology providers, including academia and small companies, to develop cost-effective capabilities for UK armed forces and national security.

CDE is part of Dstl.

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