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Leaflets, factsheets and booklets are for guidance only and reflect HMRC’s position at the time of writing.

Compliance check factsheets

See the separate collection for HMRC compliance check factsheets.

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VAT, Customs and Excise

Published 20 October 2014
Last updated 12 December 2016 + show all updates
  1. Factsheet added - Compliance checks: general anti-abuse rule and provisional counteraction notices - CC/FS34.

  2. New compliance checks factsheet about the serial tax avoidance legislation and the issue of warning notices.

  3. Factsheet added - Compliance checks: tax avoidance schemes - partnership follower notices - CC/FS25b.

  4. Factsheet added - Compliance checks: tax advantaged shares schemes – CC/FS1f.

  5. Compliance checks: penalties for tax avoidance schemes - CC/FS30a factsheet added to collection.

  6. Factsheet added - Compliance checks: penalties for contraventions of the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme - CC/FS27.

  7. 'Compliance checks factsheets CC/FS26 updated.

  8. The compliance checks factsheets: third party information notices - CC/FS23 has been published.

  9. Updated version of CCFS 14 has been added to the collection

  10. Workers employment status: Factsheet ES/FS2 and Deciding if you are employed or self-employed: Factsheet ES/FS1 removed.

  11. First published.