Landfill Tax


  1. Environmental taxes, reliefs and schemes for businesses

    Find out about green taxes for businesses - tax relief for becoming more energy efficient and schemes for off-setting your environmental impact

  2. Apply to discount the water content of waste for Landfill Tax

    Use form LT1WD to apply to HMRC to discount the water content when calculating taxable weight of waste.

  3. Agree to a water discount scheme application for Landfill Tax

    Use the online service or postal form LT4WD, if you're a landfill site operator, to agree to a waste producer's water discount scheme application.

  4. Register for Landfill Tax

    Use the online form service or complete postal form LT1 to register with HMRC.

  5. Register landfill site details for Landfill Tax

    Use the online servicde or postal form LT1A, if you're a landfill site operator, to register site details with HMRC.

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Guidance and regulation

  1. Excise Notice LFT1: a general guide to Landfill Tax
  2. Check the list of registered Landfill Tax site operators
  3. Rates and allowances for Landfill Tax
  4. Check if you need to pay Landfill Tax
  5. Pay environmental taxes
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Research and statistics

  1. Landfill Tax Bulletin
  2. Landfill tax bulletin: October 2014
  3. Drivers of diversion from landfill and innovation in the waste industry
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Landfill Tax: extending the scope to illegal disposals
  2. Increase of the Landfill Tax rates
  3. Landfill Tax: disposals not made at landfill sites
  4. Draft legislation: Landfill Tax - taxable disposal
  5. Landfill Tax: definition of taxable disposal
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  1. Payments and reliefs (landfill tax)