Construction Industry Scheme: CIS 340

Use this guidance and the examples included to help you if you are a contractor or subcontractor within the Construction Industry Scheme.



This guidance explains the roles of both contractors and subcontractors within the Construction Industry Scheme.

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Published 31 March 2014
Last updated 10 June 2024 + show all updates
  1. Section 2.2 has been updated to clarify who is deemed a mainstream contractor and to include new section 'Consider if the business is a property investor or property developer'.

  2. The information on how to register at section 1.13 has been updated. Section 4.5 has been updated to confirm a contractor must use the HMRC CIS online service or commercial CIS software to tell HMRC they have not paid any subcontractors in a particular month. Section 4.7 has been updated to remove information to phone HMRC to correct an error. Section 4.9 has been updated remove information to contact HMRC about an incorrect return. A postal address has been added in sections 4.10 and 5.3.1. The postal address in section 5.3 has been updated.

  3. Updated section 4.11 to clarify that the CIS helpline cannot make any amendments to a contractor's returns.

  4. We've updated the guidance in section 3.13 to let contractors know they must check and keep records of the direct cost of materials supplied by subcontractors. We've also updated the guidance to contractors in section 3.14 to let them know they must keep records relating to the direct cost of materials or plant hire spent by subcontractors.

  5. Section 2.16 has been updated with information about how to find out how to make deductions and pay subcontractors and what the current rates are.

  6. Specialist Personal Tax office telephone numbers in section 5.3 Non-resident companies registering for CIS have been updated.

  7. We have updated the examples to include the current VAT rate.

  8. Information has been added to Section 1.10 to say how CIS payments and deductions should be reported to HMRC for individual traders and partnerships.

  9. Updates to this guidance reflect changes introduced to the Construction Industry Scheme, which will apply from 6 April 2021 (legislative changes contained in Finance Act 2021 (currently in draft Finance Bill stage) and Income Tax (Construction Industry Scheme) Amendment Regulations 2021).

  10. The guidance has been updated to show that non-resident companies dealing with UK land must register for UK Corporation Tax.

  11. Updates to the business unit name for non resident companies and changes to the helplines available. Also HMRC are no longer issuing the CIS contractor packs so information about how they can be obtained has been added.

  12. First published.

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