Securities in respect of PAYE and National Insurance contributions

Find out when HMRC may ask for a deposit or bond if you're an employer or trader.



HMRC can ask you to pay a cash deposit or bond if they think there’s a risk you will not pay your tax or duty on time.

They call this a ‘security’. If you do not pay your bill HMRC can use the security to settle it.

Published 7 July 2014
Last updated 21 December 2017 + show all updates
  1. Details of the fine for not giving security in full have been updated and details of paying by credit card or into a joint bank account with HM Revenue and Customs have been removed.

  2. Details on how to make a deposit or bond payment to HMRC have been updated.

  3. Updated the guidance on how to give HM Revenue and Customs a security by making a payment.

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