Class licences for wildlife management

Register to use a class licence for activities that need specific skill or experience to avoid risk to the conservation or welfare of a protected species.

If you plan to act under the authority of a class licence you:

  • must be registered to use most class licences
  • need to apply to be registered for each licence you use
  • remain eligible to use the licence(s) for as long as you remain registered
  • meet the recording and reporting requirement for each licence
  • might need to pay to register or renew a class licence - each licence will tell you if you’ll need to pay

You should use a general licence for activities that have a lower risk for conservation or the welfare of a protected species.

For further information see Wildlife licences: when you need to apply.






Published 1 January 2015
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  1. Added 3 documents to the 'mammals' group: 1. 'Beavers: licence to capture and transport beavers or modify or remove beaver dams, burrows and lodges (CL50)'. 2. 'Beavers: licence to modify or remove dams, burrows and lodges (CL51)'. 3. 'Beavers: licence to modify or remove dams (CL52)'.

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