Great crested newts: survey or research licence (level 1)

Get a licence to survey great crested newts for research or conservation work (licence CL08).



This licence allows you to survey great crested newts using:

  • hand
  • nets
  • torches
  • aquatic funnel traps (including bottle traps)

This licence does not cover pitfall traps (you need a level 2 licence for this) or box traps.

All great crested newts must be set free where they’re captured as soon as you’ve finished examining them.

You need a separate mitigation licence to do anything not covered by this licence.

Register with Natural England

This is a class licence – you don’t need to apply for it but you must register with Natural England using form A29 first.


You usually need to complete a reference to support a survey or research licence form when you register for this licence if:

  • you haven’t held a licence for the species or a similar species for the last 3 years
  • you have a licence but want to add new methods

Report action taken

You must return a report action taken under a great crested newt survey or research licence form (LR-CL0809) no later than 31 October each year, even if you’ve taken no action.

This form is also used to renew your registration.