Bats: survey or research licence (level 3)

Get a licence to use mist nets and acoustic lures when doing surveys, research or conservation work (licence CL19).



This licence allows you to disturb or capture bats using:

  • torches
  • endoscopes
  • hand nets
  • static hand-held nets
  • mist nets for development surveys (can be used for a maximum of 3 days at any one site)
  • acoustic lures

You need a:

You can disturb but not handle hibernating bats.

All bats must be freed at the place where they were captured immediately after being examined.

Register with Natural England

This is a class licence – you don’t need to apply for it but you must register with Natural England using the survey or research protected species form (A34) first.

You don’t need to send in this form if you have a personal survey licence for bats.


You usually need to complete a reference form when you register for this licence if:

  • you haven’t held a licence for the species or a similar species for the last 3 years
  • you have a licence but want to add new methods

Report action taken

You must return a report of action taken under a bat survey or research licence form no later than 30 April each year, even if you’ve taken no action.

This form is also used to renew your registration.