Bats: mitigation class licence to allow low impact work on bat roosts (CL21)

Register as an ecological consultant to disturb or capture certain bats, damage or destroy their roosts, and choose the annex you need.



The bat ‘low impact’ licence (CL21) is a mitigation class licence that allows a registered ecological consultant to interfere with certain bats and their roosts. There are 4 annexes to this licence that specify:

  • which species and roost type you can interfere with
  • areas in England where you can carry out work

Use the guide to find out:

  • the criteria you must meet to become a registered consultant
  • what the licence allows you to do
  • which licence annex is right for you
  • how to apply and which form to use

Application forms for each annex will be available shortly.

Published 6 April 2017
Last updated 19 June 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added guidance on 4 annexes you can use with this licence.
  2. Replaced application form with updated version.
  3. First published.