White-clawed crayfish: survey or research licence

Get a licence to take white-clawed crayfish when doing surveys (licence CL11).



This licence allows you to survey white-clawed crayfish (also called Atlantic stream crayfish) by:

  • hand
  • hand net
  • dropped net (when fished in attendance)
  • crayfish trap (in order to operate traps lawfully you will need a separate permission from the Environment Agency as well as this licence)

You need a separate licence for any other activities.

Register with Natural England

This is a class licence - you don’t need to apply for it but you must register with Natural England using the survey or research licence for protected species form (A29) first.

You don’t need to send in this form if you have a personal survey licence for white-clawed crayfish.


You need to complete a reference to support a survey or research licence form when you register for this licence unless you were issued with a personal survey licence before the first issue of this class licence.

Personal licence holders will become registered persons upon receipt of the end-of-licence report for their current personal survey licence.

Report your observations and action taken

Report your observations to the Biological Records Centre by 31 January each year.

Natural England will contact you in January each year with details on how to stay registered.