Licence to sell animal specimens taken before October 1981

Get a licence to sell dead specimens of protected species legally taken from the wild before 30 October 1981 (licence CL07).



You can sell dead specimens of certain protected species with this licence, as long as they were legally taken from the wild before 30 October 1981.

This licence permits you to:


You must register to use this licence and meet all its terms and conditions. To register, email with:

  • your name, or the person who will be responsible as licensee
  • contact address, phone number and email address

How to record and report your use of the licence

You must keep written records for at least 2 years after each sale. Your records need to show:

  • who you got the specimen from
  • who you sold the specimen to
  • the specimen’s species, the cause of death (if known) and when and where it was taken from the wild
  • confirmation that the specimen was taken legally from the wild

You must be able to show these records to Natural England if requested.