Licence to possess plants and animals for scientific purposes

Get a licence to possess and transport dead specimens of certain plants and animals for scientific or educational purposes (licence CL01).



This licence applies to the plants and animals listed in annex II(b) and IV of the EC Habitats Directive. It allows museums, research or educational establishments to possess and transport dead specimens of these species for the purposes of science or education. The specific organisations it covers are set out in annex A and B of the licence.

Register to use this licence

To register for this licence, you must notify Natural England in writing within one month of first possessing a specimen of one of the relevant species. Write to or email:

Wildlife Licensing (science, education and conservation)

Natural England
Horizon House
Deanery Road


How to report your actions

You must keep a register of any specimens or derivatives that you possess in relation to this licence. This information must be updated annually and be made available for inspection at any time by Natural England. Full details are provided in annex C of the licence.