HS2: high speed rail

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HS2 and economic growth

HS2 is more than a transport scheme; the new railway will be an engine for growth.

HS2 will generate jobs, help rebalance the economy between north and south, and provide a platform for the country’s future prosperity. It’s a statement about the UK’s ambition to be a world-class economy in the 21st century.

HS2 will connect people and businesses, enhancing productivity and commercial activity. It will act as a catalyst for city centre regeneration and major development schemes.

Current estimates predict that HS2 will generate benefits of at least £60 billion for the UK. But we expect that when the long term effect on the wider economy is taken into account the figure will be much higher.

The strategic and economic case for HS2 is strong. We have set out it here:

You can read more about the strategic case for HS2 and the economic benefits of HS2.