The strategic case for HS2

A policy paper and related research and guidance outlining the strategic case for HS2.

The government has published The strategic case for HS2. This sets out the government’s reasons for building HS2 - the new north-south high speed rail line between London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. ‘The strategic case for HS2’ explain step-by-step why HS2 is the best option to meet the capacity and connectivity challenges faced by the rail network.

For a straightforward overview of the strategic case for HS2, read Investing in Britain’s future: why we need HS2 leaflet.

Research is being published by DfT alongside the strategic case for HS2 and includes reports on on Rail alternatives to HS2.

Further documents supporting the strategic case have been published on 6 March 2014.

Economic case for HS2

HS2 Ltd has published economic documents alongside the strategic case for HS2.

Transport appraisal reports

The Department for Transport has also published various reports concerning guidance on conducting transport appraisals. These are relevant to the assessment of HS2 because they refer to values of travel time savings, demand forecasting and sub-national impacts.


Published 29 October 2013