HS2: economic cases, reports and research

The original and updated versions of the economic case for the High Speed Two rail network, including reports on the Planet Framework Model.

The economic case for HS2

‘The economic case for HS2’ and supporting documents.

  1. Economic case for HS2: October 2013
  2. Changes in analysis of the economic case for HS2 since 2012
  3. Economic Case for HS2 based on the Planet Framework Model
  4. HS2 economic case: risk analysis
  5. Ecomonic case for HS2: assumptions report
  6. Cost and risk status report for HS2
  7. Planet Framework Model: model audit
  8. Updates to the HS2 Model Development Report
  9. MVA Mott MacDonald and RAND Model Development Report PFMv3-PFMv4.3
  10. Report about the economic impact of HS2

Supporting documents for phase 2

  1. Demand and appraisal report for HS2 Phase Two
  2. Appraisal of HS2 extension development report

Update to the economic case for HS2

  1. HS2 economic case: update
  2. HS2 economic case: baseline forecast
  3. Model Development and Baseline Report: HSA, London-West Midlands
  4. Feasibility study for HS2
  5. Timeline of updates for the economic case for HS2
  6. Review of HS1 demand forecasts
Published 22 January 2015