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HS2 phase 2: route and station options

Options for the second phase of HS2, including the rail route plus station and depot locations for the onward legs from West Midlands to Manchester and Leeds.



A report to government by HS2 Ltd (March 2012)

This report submitted to government by HS2 Ltd in March 2012 sets out the options for phase two of HS2.

This includes route, station and depot options for the onward legs from the West Midlands to Manchester and Leeds. It also includes options on the proposed spur to Heathrow. Government has now paused work on the spur until after the Airports Commission has reported and there has been an opportunity to consider its recommendations.

The report sets out the options that HS2 Ltd considered and describes the process of analysing and refining them. It also offers government further choices for the future development of the HS2 phase two network.

HS2 phase two initial preferred route

HS2 phase two consultation

HS2 Ltd advice to government on phase two of HS2

Delivery partner reports to government on phase two of HS2

Background to HS2

Published 28 January 2013