HS2 Phase 2a: High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Bill

Documents and information relating to the HS2 hybrid Bill for Phase 2a of the project between the West Midlands and Crewe.

HS2 Phase Two is being delivered in 2 stages:

  • HS2 Phase 2a (West Midlands to Crewe)
  • HS2 Phase 2b (Crewe to Manchester, and the West Midlands to Leeds)

The Bill

On 17 July 2017, the government introduced the High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Bill into Parliament. This hybrid Bill is to authorise the next part of the HS2 railway network, known as Phase 2a. This will run between Fradley in the West Midlands and Crewe in Cheshire. A hybrid Bill mixes the characteristics of public and private Bills.

In January 2018 we published an update on the Bill in advance of its Second Reading in the House of Commons. For more information read our Phase 2a Bill update. The Bill secured its Second Reading on 30 January, by 295 votes to 12.

Second Reading triggered a petitioning period during which those whose property or interests are specially and directly affected by the Bill could submit a petition, or objection, against it, and a Select Committee was appointed to hear those petitions. A total of 187 petitions against the Bill were deposited, and the Select Committee began its hearings on 19 March.

UPDATE: On 23 March 2018 the government deposited an Additional Provision and Supplementary Environmental Statement to the High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Bill in Parliament. These provide additional environmental information and propose further amendments to the Bill. A total of 33 petitions against the Additional Provision were deposited.

On 24 May the Select Committee announced their first major decisions. Read our Bill update to find out more.

The High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Bill can be found on the UK Parliament website, along with further details relating to the bill and Select Committee.

The Bill will grant powers to:

  • build and maintain HS2 and its associated works
  • compulsorily acquire interests in the land required
  • affect or change rights of way, including the stopping-up or diversion of highways and waterways (permanently or temporarily)
  • modify infrastructure belonging to statutory undertakers (e.g. utility companies)
  • carry out work on listed buildings and demolish buildings in conservation areas
  • carry out protective works to buildings and third-party infrastructure
  • make necessary changes to existing legislation to facilitate construction and operation of HS2

This is a large piece of legislation and is accompanied by around 140 documents totalling 12,000 pages. We recommend reading the guidance documents in each section first. For the Environmental Statement these include the guide and non-technical summary. For the Equality Impact Assessment these include the report summary and the easy read summary.

The route

This section contains information relating to the HS2 Phase 2a route and maps with detailed technical drawings of the areas affected. The video below provides an annotated fly-over of the Phase 2a route.

HS2 Phase 2a fly-over of the route

Property affected by the route

Environmental impact

The Phase 2a environmental statement documents include more information, such as the likely environmental impacts along the route and measures to manage and reduce them.

Our consultations, which closed on 30 September 2017, gave you a chance to tell us how work on the planned new railway from the West Midlands to Crewe will affect you. The results (once available) can be accessed below.

Construction and operation

  1. Construction: HS2 Phase 2a information papers

    • Policy paper
  2. Operations: HS2 Phase 2a information papers

    • Policy paper
  3. Equality impact assessment for HS2 Phase 2a

    • Impact assessment


  1. Estimate of Expense for HS2 Phase 2a

    • Transparency data

HS2 policies

  1. Policy: HS2 Phase 2a information papers

    • Policy paper

Getting the bill


Past and present consultations in relation to Phase 2a of High Speed Two.

Supporting information

The documents listed below are not part of the hybrid bill but provide useful information and context for HS2 Phase 2a and the documents submitted as part of the hybrid bill.

  1. HS2 Phase 2a: Assurances given during Select Committee

    • Correspondence
  2. Guidance relating to right to be heard challenges for the HS2 Phase 2a hybrid Bill

    • Guidance
  3. HS2 Phase Two commercial case

    • Policy paper
  4. HS2 Phase Two economic case

    • Policy paper
  5. HS2 Phase Two economic case advice for the Department for Transport

    • Policy paper
  6. HS2 Phase Two financial case

    • Policy paper
  7. HS2 Phase Two management case

    • Policy paper
  8. HS2 Phase Two strategic case

    • Policy paper
  9. HS2: rail alternatives to Phase 2a

    • Independent report
  10. HS2 Phase 2a West Midlands to Crewe: Summary of Route Refinements

    • Policy paper
  11. HS2 Phase 2a Route Engineering Report and Maps

    • Map
  12. HS2 Phase 2a Post Consultation Appraisal of Sustainability

    • Independent report
  13. Post Consultation Appraisal of Sustainability: HS2 Phase 2b Combined Mapping

    • Map
  14. HS2: government response to the Phase 2a safeguarding consultation

    • Policy paper
  15. HS2 Phase Two: plans for the route

    • Policy paper
  16. Area specific information about the HS2 Phase 2a route

    • Promotional material
  17. HS2 regional factsheets

    • Guidance


  1. HS2: from concept to reality

    • Promotional material
  2. Huge economic boost for the north of England as Transport Secretary confirms HS2 routes

    • News story
  3. HS2 update: Phase 2a and Phase 2b

    • Oral statement to Parliament
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