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Environment: HS2 Phase 2a information papers

How HS2 Ltd will meet environmental commitments and the expected impacts on the environment for HS2 Phase 2a.


HS2 Phase 2a information paper: Ecology

HS2 Phase 2a information paper: Air quality

HS2 Phase 2a information paper: Land drainage

HS2 Phase 2a information paper: Archaeology

HS2 Phase 2a information paper: Burial grounds

HS2 Phase 2a information paper: Carbon


Series E of our information papers outline how environmental impacts have been assessed and how they will be mitigated or compensated for during the construction of HS2 (Phase 2a). This includes the:

  • environmental controls set out in the Bill (and environmental minimum requirements)
  • ecological impact of construction and operation and the mitigation in place to address this
  • approach to controlling noise and air quality effects during construction and operation
  • approach to managing excavated material and waste that will arise from construction
  • approach to assessing and mitigating impacts on water resources and flood risk
  • assessment and treatment of contaminated land
  • approach to assessing any impact on archaeological remains that could result from construction works
  • resilience and capacity of Phase 2a to cope with potential climate change impacts
Published 17 July 2017
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