How to order the HS2 Phase 2a Bill and related documents

Find out how you can order copies of the documents which make up the High Speed Rail (West Midlands to Crewe) Bill.



Ordering copies of the bill and explanatory notes

Copies of the parliamentary bill and explanatory notes can be obtained by contacting the HS2 helpdesk:

HS2 helpdesk

High Speed Two (HS2) Ltd
Two Snowhill
Snow Hill Queensway

B4 6GA

The helpdesk team are unable to transfer calls internally to HS2 Ltd members of staff.

Alternatively they may be obtained from the parliamentary shop via the following methods (payment required):

Ordering all other documents

Hard copies of all other documents and memory sticks containing electronic copies of documents can be obtained by contacting the High Speed Two (HS2) helpdesk. Before you contact the helpdesk please refer to the document price list attached.

You can also contact the HS2 helpdesk to order a set of Environmental Statement documents relevant to 1 local area free of charge. This would comprise of:

  • x1 non-technical summary
  • x1 volume 1: introduction
  • x1 volume 2: community area report
  • x1 volume 2: community area map book
  • x1 glossary

Prior to ordering your set of documents please ensure:

  1. you have identified which community forum area you are interested in
  2. you can provide us with a full and current postal address, (including post code) for where you would like your documents sent to.
Published 18 July 2017