HS2 cost and risk model report

Advice to government on the cost of the proposed HS2 Y network including costs for the phase two options.

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For the latest on HS2 Phase Two, see HS2 Phase 2a and HS2 Phase 2b.



A report to government by HS2 Ltd (March 2012)

This report submitted to government in March 2012 by HS2 Ltd gives advice on the cost of the HS2 Y network, based on the post-consultation route for phase one London to West Midlands and the routes contained in the base proposition within ‘Options for phase two of the high speed Rail Network’.

This includes advice on:

  • the capital construction costs: such as the cost of land purchases and materials
  • rolling stock capital costs: such as the purchase cost of rolling stock (trains)
  • operating costs: those needed to operate and maintain the railway infrastructure and its trains, including train crews and station staff

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Published 28 January 2013