HS2 stations

HS2 station options, proposals and maps.

Guidance and regulation

  1. HS2 Phase 2b maps of Manchester Piccadilly station
  2. HS2 Phase 2b map of Manchester Airport station
  3. HS2 Phase 2b: benefits of the East Midlands Hub
  4. HS2 Phase 2b: Stations factsheets
  5. HS2 vision for Euston: Leaflet
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News and communications

  1. HS2 reveals design vision for new stations in Birmingham and Solihull
  2. First look at HS2’s Euston tunnel portal site
  3. Up to £1.8 million to maximise benefits of HS2 for East Midlands
  4. HS2 launches hunt for station designers and Euston development partner
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Research and statistics

  1. How HS2 will maximise Euston station excavations moved by rail
  2. An interim report on the redevelopment of Leeds station
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Crewe Hub: options for building on existing connectivity
  2. Equality impact assessment update: Euston station and approach
  3. HS2 Phase One information papers: stations and key locations (series H)
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