HS2 Phase Two initial preferences

Setting out the government’s initial preferences in January 2013 for Phase Two of HS2.

These documents, published in January 2013, outline the government’s initial preferences for HS2 Phase Two. They also provide background on the guidance that helped to inform the government’s decisions about the route.

The documents set out proposals to extend the high speed rail route from the West Midlands to Manchester and Leeds, with intermediate stations at:

  • Manchester Airport
  • South Yorkshire
  • the East Midlands

Phase Two will use high speed rail to transform the UK, providing fast services between cities which are not currently well connected.

Maps released as part of the July 2013 HS2 Phase Two consultation on the proposed line of route have been published separately.

Route maps

  1. HS2 Phase Two initial preferred route plan and profile maps

    • Detailed guide

Delivery partner reports to government on Phase Two of HS2

  1. Maximising the economic impact of HS2 investment in Sheffield

    • Independent report
  2. From rail town to high speed rail city: a vision for Crewe

    • Independent report
  3. Economic impact of HS2 to Derby summary report

    • Independent report

Background to HS2

  1. HS2 route flyover

    • Promotional material
  2. High speed rail a catalyst for high speed Britain

    • Promotional material