Countryside Stewardship grants

244 grants

244 grants
  1. RP15: Concrete yard renewal
  2. BE3: Management of hedgerows
  3. FY2: Woodland infrastructure
  4. OT2: Organic land management - unimproved permanent grassland
  5. HS7: Management of historic water meadows through traditional irrigation
  6. SW12: Making space for water
  7. OT5: Organic land management - top fruit
  8. OP1: Overwintered stubble
  9. WD5: Restoration of wood pasture and parkland
  10. WD4: Management of wood pasture and parkland
  11. WD2: Woodland improvement
  12. WD1: Woodland creation - maintenance payments
  13. UP5: Moorland re-wetting supplement
  14. UP3: Management of moorland
  15. UP2: Management of rough grazing for birds
  16. SP5: Shepherding supplement
  17. LH3: Creation of heathland from arable or improved grassland
  18. LH2: Restoration of forestry and woodland to lowland heathland
  19. LH1: Management of lowland heathland
  20. HS8: Maintenance of weatherproof traditional farm buildings in remote areas
  21. HS6: Maintenance of designed/engineered water bodies
  22. HS1: Maintenance of weatherproof traditional farm buildings
  23. ED1: Educational access
  24. CT3: Management of coastal saltmarsh
  25. BE6: Veteran tree surgery
  26. AB6: Enhanced overwinter stubble
  27. AB2: Basic overwinter stubble
  28. AB14: Harvested low input cereal
  29. AB10: Unharvested cereal headland
  30. AB7: Whole crop cereals
  31. AB1: Nectar flower mix
  32. AB3: Beetle banks
  33. AB4: Skylark plots
  34. AB5: Nesting plots for lapwing (and in Higher Tier, stone curlew)
  35. AB8: Flower-rich margins and plots
  36. AB9: Winter bird food
  37. AB11: Cultivated areas for arable plants
  38. AB15: Two year sown legume fallow
  39. AB16: Autumn sown bumblebird mix
  40. HS2: Take historic and archaeological features out of cultivation
  41. OP2: Wild bird seed mixture
  42. SW1: 4m to 6m buffer strip on cultivated land
  43. SW3: In-field grass strips
  44. SW4: 12m to 24m watercourse buffer strip on cultivated land
  45. SW6: Winter cover crops
  46. WD3: Woodland edges on arable land
  47. WT2: Buffering in-field ponds and ditches on arable land
  48. HE2: Historic building restoration
  49. BN13: Top wiring - stone wall
  50. FG1: Fencing