RP1: Resurfacing of gateways

Find out about eligibility and requirements for the resurfacing of gateways item.

How much will be paid

£92 per gateway.

Where to use this item

Available for Mid Tier and Higher Tier

Only in areas targeted to reduce water pollution from agriculture

Where this item cannot be used

  • where there are archaeological or historic features identified in the HEFER
  • where a public right of way passes through the gateway without relevant advice or consent from the Highways Authority

How this item will benefit the environment

This item will provide a strengthened surface at the field gateway. This will reduce ponding on either side of the gateways caused by soil compaction. If successful there will be reduced surface runoff, soil erosion and risk of diffuse water pollution.


  • excavate the full width of the gateway by the full length which the gate opens into the field when it is at 90 degrees
  • excavate to a minimum depth of 150mm or until there is a naturally occurring hard surface
  • remove the excavated soil from the gateway area and spread it on the verges of the field track, allowing for drainage
  • overlay the excavated area with a geotextile membrane, then fill with aggregate (hard core) to a minimum consolidated depth of 150mm
  • all capital works carried out must meet the relevant British Standards - examine copies of the most up-to-date standards for guidance

Do not:

  • spread the excavated soil on any environmental or historic features as identified in the HEFER

Keeping records

Agreement holders will need to keep the following records and supply them on request:

  • any consents or permissions connected with the work
  • receipted invoices, or bank statements where a receipted invoice is unavailable
  • please see the record keeping and inspection requirements as set out in the Mid Tier manual for more detail

Agreement holders will need to keep the following records and supply them with the claim:

  • photographs of the completed work

Applicants will have to send the following with their application:

  • photographs of the existing gateway
  • a copy of advice or consent received from the Highways Authority if a public right of way passes through the gateway

This item can be used on the same area as the following item:

Advice and suggestions for how to carry out this item

The following section gives advice on carrying out this item successfully but does not form part of the requirements for this item.

Materials and area of resurfacing

When carrying out the work:

  • the area to be resurfaced should be appropriate for the size of the gateway and the type of traffic that will move through it
  • compact each layer of hard core well down before adding another layer, making sure each layer is no more than 150mm thick
  • advice should be taken from the Environment Agency (EA) if road planings, waste or recycled materials will be used as hard core

Further information

Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) operates in parts of the country where there are water quality issues linked to farming. The scheme provides farmers with free advice and training. See more information on CSF support.

See the Mid Tier manual or Higher Tier manual to find out more about the scheme and how to apply.

Published 2 April 2015
Last updated 29 March 2016 + show all updates
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