This toolkit is to provide clear information to individuals and organisations that support PIP and DLA claimants. It equips you to offer up-to-date advice on PIP or direct claimants to other sources of help. The toolkit could also be adapted into training for your people. We will continue to update the toolkit with more detailed information about reassessment.

Visit for claimant information.

As part of wider welfare reform, Personal Independence Payment (PIP) has replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people who were aged 16 to 64 on 8 April 2013 or reach age 16 after that date. This was initially for new claims only.

DWP has taken a controlled approach to introducing Personal Independence Payment (PIP), continuously learning lessons. It has become clear that the reassessment process is taking longer than originally anticipated. We therefore intend to introduce the reassessment of existing DLA claimants for PIP in a more gradual way.

From 28 October 2013, we started inviting individuals living in Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands and East Anglia if:

  • we receive information about a change in care or mobility needs on or after 28 October
  • their fixed term award is due to expire
  • children turn 16 years old on or after 7 October 2013 (unless they have been awarded DLA under the Special Rules for terminally ill people)

An individual can also choose to claim PIP instead of their DLA if they were under the age of 65 on 8 April 2013 and they live in a reassessment postcode. We will explain what will happen to them if they choose to do this, for example their DLA will end. We will also advise then that the benefit can go down as well as up.

From 13 January 2014, we extended the areas where we’re inviting existing DLA claimants to claim PIP (under the circumstances described above) to postcodes beginning:

  • DG (Dumfries and Galloway)
  • EH (Edinburgh)
  • TD (Galashiels)
  • ML (Motherwell)

From 3 February 2014, we further extended these areas to postcodes beginning:

  • CA (Carlisle)
  • DL (Darlington)
  • HG (Harrogate)
  • LA (Lancaster)
  • YO (York)

The postcode map shows the areas where we’re reassessing DLA claimants for PIP. Alongside the phased introduction of reassessment activity, we’re continuing to take new claims for PIP across Great Britain.

The time between making the initial claim and getting a decision on PIP entitlement is expected to be about 12 to 15 weeks. However, claims for PIP are currently taking longer than expected. The actual time to get a decision on a claim depends on individual circumstances. In some cases it can take about 21 to 26 weeks.

We are taking steps to speed up the claims process and dealing with claims as quickly as we can. Any delays experienced by the claimant will not affect the date their benefit is paid from.

Further decisions on extending reassessment will be taken and communicated to the rest of the country in due course and will be informed by the experience of introducing reassessment in a gradual way first.

Preparing your organisation for PIP

The following publications and sources of information will help your organisation prepare for helping your customers with PIP:

  • the PIP checklist contains practical advice about forms, leaflets and online guidance to link to
  • DWP partnership managers in your area may be able to meet you face-to-face to talk to you about the new benefit, using this toolkit
  • download the full set of fact sheets
  • guidance for claimants is available at – direct them there
  • alternative formats for claimants are also available, including an easy read guide in English and Welsh and a BSL video

How to order leaflets for PIP

Please make sure you are displaying and issuing the latest versions so people can correctly claim PIP and get the advice they need. You can view the latest versions and order them using the catalogue of information.

Please remove the DWP leaflet about DLA (code DWP016 or DWP016w) from display.

Please order the new leaflet about PIP:

You can still use the DLA for children leaflet:

What to do with DLA claim forms

Please destroy all “DLA1 Adult” and “DLA1A Adult” forms, including large print and Welsh language versions, and do not issue them to claimants.

All new claims to PIP are started over the phone by calling 0800 917 2222 (textphone 0800 917 7777). If a new PIP claimant sends in a DLA form then it could delay their claim.

You can continue to order and provide DLA claim forms for children (‘DLA1 Child’ or DLA1 A Child’) and Attendance Allowance forms for over 65s (‘AA 1’ or AA 1A’).

What we have told DLA claimants about PIP

We wrote to all existing DLA claimants in early 2013 and are writing again in early 2014 with more information about PIP in their usual annual letters that tell them what their new benefit rate will be. For information about how existing DLA claimants will be reassessed for PIP, see Reassessing existing DLA claimants for PIP.

Quick guide to PIP and fact sheets

The PIP quick guide is a summary of PIP and the changes to DLA – available in alternative formats and tailored for specific groups.

Basic rules

Read about the basic rules for PIP in:

When and how we are introducing PIP

Claimants can check how and when PIP affects them.

Find out when and how we are introducing PIP in:

How the PIP claim process works: the ‘claimant journey’

Read about the PIP claim process in:

Specific circumstances

Read about specific circumstances in:

Help with your communications

We have published the following presentation, editorial, graphs and posters to help you with your own communications about PIP:

Information for specific groups

Carers organisations and carers

The following publications contain tailored information and guidance for you:

The health professions

The following publications contain tailored information and guidance for you:

Local authorities

The following publications contain tailored information and guidance for you:

MPs and constituency staff

We want to make sure Members of Parliament, Assembly Members and Members of Scottish Parliament have the information they need. Find out more about how PIP will be implemented so that you can support and advise constituents:

Fact sheets and guides that may be most relevant to you:


If you have any questions about our communications, please email us at using ‘Toolkit’ as the subject line. Let us know if you would like us to tailor communications to your needs.

The toolkit was developed with input from and tested by, a number of support organisations and advisers and we are grateful to them for their feedback.

PIP forms and letters

Claims to PIP are started over the phone by calling the PIP new claims number 0800 917 2222 (Text phone: 0800 917 7777).

Once the claim has been registered, DWP will send the claimant a ‘How your disability affects you’ (PIP2) form for completion, together with an information booklet. Find out more about the PIP claim process.

In exceptional circumstances, where a claimant is unable to deal with DWP by phone, or needs extra help, they can request a paper version of the initial claim form. The PIP1 claim form captures the same basic information that DWP take over the phone. It is sent along with PIP1 A1: additional information. The forms will be personalised to the individual who requested them, and should not be copied or used for other claimants. The forms are published for information only.

We will write to the claimant at various stages throughout the PIP claim process. Below are examples of PIP letters (referred to as notifications) that a claimant may receive:

Making a claim for PIP

PIP 0010: Claim in addition action

PIP 0101: General reminder

PIP 0110: Miscellaneous letter (blank letterhead)

PIP 0113: Confirmation of award for change of appointee or new appointee

PIP 0114: Alternative Name & National Insurance number held on computer

PIP 0119: PIP payment details for specific periods, for tax purposes

PIP 0200: Existing DLA claimant choosing to claim PIP

PIP 0210: Outstanding DLA claim in progress – can’t claim PIP yet

PIP 0211: Existing DLA claimant told DWP doesn’t want to claim PIP but not yet invited to

PIP 0212: Existing DLA claimant has made PIP claim and requests DLA stop - can’t happen until PIP decision made

PIP 0215: DLA stopped temporarily because claimant in hospital - DLA will stop permanently if PIP claim not made

PIP 0216: Existing DLA claimant tells DWP they don’t want to claim PIP, DLA award ends – vulnerable

PIP 0217: Existing DLA claimant tells DWP they don’t want to continue PIP claim, DLA award ends – vulnerable

PIP 0218: Existing DLA claimant tells DWP of change of circumstances after being invited to claim PIP

PIP 0219: Existing DLA claimant has died after making PIP claim but before DWP made a decision

PIP 0220: Existing DLA claimant on highest rate Care and higher rate Mobility reports change in needs and claims PIP - stays on DLA

PIP 0221: Copy of DLA medical evidence required by PIP claimant

PIP 0222: Existing DLA claimant choosing to claim PIP (eligible self-selector)

PIP 0504: Relationship verification

PIP 0505: Gender mismatch on computer system

PIP 1000: Confirmation of National Insurance number

PIP 1002: Confirmation of withdrawal of claim letter

PIP 1002a: Confirmation of withdrawn claim by claimaints requiring additional support

PIP 1007: Standard covering letter with PIP claim form (PIP1)

PIP 1016 (U16): Claim in the alternative – transfer to DLA

PIP 1019: DS1500 received from health professional but no PIP claim made

PIP 1023: Written request to claim – information and signposting

PIP 3001: Claimant in prison

PIP 3004: Generic reminder

PIP 3005: Enquiry – confirm nationality

PIP 3006: Clerical – health authority funding enquiry

PIP 3007: Clerical – local authority funding enquiry

PIP 3008: Enquiry about residence and accommodation

PIP 3009: Verification request

PIP 3010: Potential move abroad / Moving to EEC

PIP 3013: Unable to contact claimant by phone

PIP 3019: Hospital dates enquiry

PIP 3024: European Economic Area claim form

PIP 3026: Civil servant abroad

PIP 3027: Death – Executor or next of kin to continue with claim

PIP 3031: Report written consent letter

PIP 3033: General enquiry – covers:

  • contact appointee or personal acting body to request signature
  • contact claimant to request signature
  • contact claimant to clarify bank details
  • general enquiry
  • appointee review form returned incomplete – further information required
  • clerical notification for change of address information
  • part 1 received – mismatch details, further information
  • part 1 received – further information required
  • part 1 consent not signed – signature required

PIP 3034: Sensitive general enquiry

PIP 3038: About medical notification to claimant abroad


PIP 0185: Existing DLA claimant invited to claim PIP on reaching age 16

PIP 0201: Existing DLA claimant selected to claim PIP

PIP 0202: Existing DLA claimant invited to claim PIP - end of fixed term award

PIP 0204: Existing DLA claimant invited to claim PIP - change of condition

PIP 7006: DLA award end and PIP award decision – entitled

PIP 7010: DLA award end and PIP award decision – not entitled because DWP not received information

PIP7016: DLA award end and PIP award decision – not entitled

Telling your story

PIP 0009: ‘How your disability affects you’ form returned (not signed)

PIP 1003: PIP2 (‘how your disability affects you’ form) cover letter

PIP 1003eea: PIP2 (‘how your disability affects you’ form) covering letter for claimants in Switzerland or a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) other than the UK

PIP 1004: PIP2 (‘how your disability affects you’ form) covering letter - terminal illness cases

PIP 1018: Third party to advise not terminally ill and to send ’How your disability affects you’ form

PIP 1020: Part two extension request – decision

PIP 3037: Arrange medical exam for claimant abroad

The Assessment – Atos

OP103: Your appointment for a consultation with a health professional – appointee version

Your appointment for a Home consultation with a Health Professional

Example of payment for travel expenses – Atos

Claimant expenses – further information required

Atos customer charter

Atos – tell us your comments

OP101: Request for further medical evidence to GP

The Decision and Disputes

PIP 0103: Winter Fuel Payment

PIP 104: Copy of information used to make the decision

PIP 0111: Notification to HMRC to check Disability Premium

PIP 0209: DLA award extended due to DWP making decision about PIP claim

PIP 0213: DLA stopped because PIP claim not received or claimant not complied with process

PIP 0214: Reconsideration - DLA restarted because PIP claim received

PIP 0420: Stopping PIP temporarily: claimant not responded to requests for information needed to make a claim decision

PIP 0421: PIP stopped until further notice: doubt arisen about continuing entitlement

PIP 0422: No longer entitled to PIP: requested information not received

PIP 0500: Statement of entitlement

PIP 1024: Reconsideration acknowledgement

PIP 2006: Claimant notification to redirect appeal to HMCTS (to include appeal received from HMCTS but no reconsideration done and appeal received from claimant but no reconsideration done)

PIP 2007: Further evidence received for appeal – no change

PIP 2008: Further information for reconsideration or appeal response

PIP 2009: Revised decision

PIP 2010: Appeal response cover letter to claimant

PIP 2017: Further evidence received for appeal – no change – Representative

PIP 2500: Out of time reconsideration

PIP 3014: Not entitled to Vehicle Excise Duty

PIP 4035: Overpayment reconsideration

PIP 4037: Decision notification for legal detention, prison, residential accommodation or hospital – payment stopped

PIP 4038: Border decision

PIP 4225: Decision notification and suspension or termination info

PIP 6000: PIP not awarded due to missed consultation

PIP 7001: New claim entitlement

PIP 7002: Reconsideration – award

PIP 7004: Not entitled to PIP – not attended consultation, defective claim disallowance, defective claim or negative determination decision

PIP 7005: Decision not to change PIP award

PIP 7011: New claim disallowance

PIP 7012: Reconsideration – disallowance

PIP 7014: Duplicate claim decision

PIP 7015: Reconsideration not revised – amendment

PIP 7022: No National Insurance number – Dissallowance

PIP 7024: Reconsideration of decision that claimant is not entitled to PIP – no change

PIP 7030: New claim award disallowed after Claimant has died

PIP 7031: Appeal outcome

Unplanned Intervention

PIP 1021: Part two – unplanned intervention – cover letter

PIP 1022: Unplanned intervention – acceptance of voluntary relinquishment

PIP 1025: Unplanned Intervention reminder

PIP 7003: Intervention award

PIP 7013: Intervention disallowed

PIP 7017: Unplanned intervention – written PIP relinquish letter – unable to make phone contact

PIP 7019: Unplanned intervention – ‘not admitted’ reason

PIP 7021: Unplanned intervention – disallowance non return of part two


PIP 0107: Annual increase to benefit

PIP 0108: Christmas bonus

PIP 0506: End of short term award

PIP 3000: Absence abroad return date enquiry

PIP 3002: Detention in legal custody no prison address

PIP 3022: Residence and presence further information

PIP 3023: Residence and presence further information reminder

PIP 3032: Prison release – confirmation of address

PIP 3040: Secure unit/Hospital enquiry

PIP 3041: Late notification of change of circumstances enquiry

PIP 3042: Change of address of claimant (Care home) enquiry

PIP 3048: DPGEN form cover letter

PIP 3049: Death Arrears Payee enquiry

PIP 3050: PIP claimants moving abroad

PIP 4001: Daily payments

PIP 4003: Change delivery pattern

PIP 4004: Reissue payments

PIP 4005: Confirmation of account update

PIP 4006: Payment suspension

PIP 4007: Returned payment

PIP 4008: Payment arrears

PIP 4009: Death arrears or no arrears

PIP 4010: Payment in care home or hospital

PIP 4011: In hospital – payment not affected, less than 28 days

PIP 4012: Payment reinstated following discharge from hospital, no overpayment

PIP 4013: Payment affected when in hospital but no overpayment

PIP 4014: Payment affected when in residential accommodation but no overpayment

PIP 4015: Payment in residential accommodation for Mobility component

PIP 4016: Overlapping benefit – change of award

PIP 4018: Missing payment – clerical payment

PIP 4028: Manual payments – payments breakdown

PIP 4223: Payment suspension lifted of a stayed award

PIP 4224: Statement of reasons)

PIP 4226: About your appeal

PIP 4227: About your request for reconsideration

PIP 7018: Unplanned intervention – missing payment

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